Tanyon Bay Beach House: A Secluded Getaway Rising in Ronda

A relatively new beach paradise has been opened in the quiet town of Ronda and added to the small collection of attractions in the municipality.

Tanyon Bay Beach House is a new secluded resort in the middle of nowhere prominently surrounded by groves of coconut trees with a beach at the front.

The secluded location of Tanyon Bay makes it very relaxing and highlights the tropical atmosphere that dominates the place. This beach destination has a blue-and-white motif reminiscent of Santorini that blends well with the verdant surroundings and the azure sky.

The main features of the resort consist of the swimming pool, the cottages, and the scenic beachfront. The swimming pool lies at the heart of the resort just before the rooms. It possesses a deep blue tint which resembles the color of the ocean and makes it look very refreshing and inviting. It’s the perfect spot to cool off especially for those who want to shake away the sweltering heat from the city that’s inhabiting the body.

Just around the perimeter of the pool are nipa hut cottages that complement the rustic views created by the coconut trees. The cool sea breeze blowing from the beach and the fresh probinsya air can both be experienced inside these native huts. There are also umbrella tables, a floating cottage, and picnic tables that give the guests a variety of choices of where to stay. 

The beachfront is situated just a few meters from the swimming pool. It doesn’t boast of white sands but if guests prefer to spend their day over the ocean then they have the option of renting the floating cottage. The beachfront has a picturesque view of the sea and it is also fringed on the sides with mangroves which adds to the beautiful scenery.

Before being able to get inside the resort, guests have to stay for a few minutes at the reception for a brief orientation of the do’s and don’ts which will be conducted by the friendly staff. This is to encourage the guests to follow the rules and regulations which are in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

They allow day use for couples and families. Unfortunately, they currently only have double occupancy rooms available since they just recently opened but it works well for couples who want to spend their day together.



  • Premium Access
    • Adults – P300 per adult
    • Kids – P150 per child
    • Includes: Pool and Beach Access, 1 free canned drink (adults only)
  • Deluxe Access
    • Adults – P100 per adult
    • Kids – P50 per child
    • Includes: Beach Access


  • Umbrella Table: P350, good for 4 persons
  • Zen Hut / Payag: P750, good for 8-19 persons
  • Floating Cottage: P2,500, good for 15 persons


  1. The pool closes at 10:00 PM but the cottages can be used until 12AM
  2. In observance of COVID-19 guidelines, cottages can only accommodate 50% of stated capacities
  3. Cottage Fees not inclusive of Guest Entrance Fees


  • Double Occupancy: P2,500 per night, good for 2 w/ breakfast
    • Queen-size bed
    • Air Conditioning
    • Guest Kit
    • Complimentary water and coffee
    • Hot and Cold Shower
    • Pool and Beach Access



Exact location: Purok Okra, Tongo, Canduling, Ronda, Cebu – about 81 kilometers from Cebu CIty

BY BUS: From the Santander – Barili – Toledo Road in Canduling, Ronda, the easiest landmark to spot is the Canduling Barangay Hall (Near a McDonalds Sign with “8KM” written on it). Enter the road where the barangay hall is. Follow the road and enter the first intersection on the left that you see. This road will lead you to a big blue gate which is the entrance of Tanyon Bay Beach House.

NOTE: As of writing, there are still no direct and easy means to reach Tanyon Bay Beach House since the place is still new. You can try hailing a tricycle or motorbike at the town proper but it’s best to bring your own vehicle or rent one.

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Tanyon Bay Beach House” in Canduling, Ronda. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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