Cebu Eats: Taguangkan only in Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is a paradise as it has proven so many times by having the most beautiful beaches, perfect escape spots and mouthwatering seafood.

But did you know that there is a delicacy that is only found here in the island and nowhere else?

It is familiar and famous to every Bantayanon in all its three municipalities but outside the island people see this food as an alien with its odd-looking shape and suspicious origin.

Everyone, let me introduce you to “Taguangkan”, it comes from the word tágù and anak which is roughly translated as womb, especially of animals. They are from the chicken’s womb/ovary where the egg is formed.

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It is grilled with the chicken large intestine wrapped and twisted in a stick with big a round mass in the inside as its top. The round mass is actually undeveloped egg/s of the hen. It may look weird and strange at first but once tasted, it actually tastes like normal, unsalted grilled eggs.

Bantayan island has lots of poultry farms and supplies a huge number of egg and chicken meat locally and in nearby islands including Cebu which is why this is abundant in the area.

Photo from website
Photo from website
Photo from website

The island has always been a bit separated from the fast pace of the neighboring cities and have it as a common practice to make use of anything and everything. A habit of a no “wasted” policy is also practiced in our food as well. Cooking fish bones and almost everything you’ll find in the sea and even in poultry, as long as it can be eaten, there will be no part left behind.

Your trip to Bantayan will never be complete unless you’ve tasted this one-of-a-kind delicacy. A little note though, the outer part is a little bit on the hard side so chew carefully. A protein boost like no other is what you need after a whole day of swimming and island wandering.

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