LIST: Summer Activities & Essentials You Need Under The New Normal

Make your summer stories count even under the new normal. How? SM Seaside City Cebu got you covered!

The heat of summer is starting to get into our skin and into our heads. It’s that time again where we escape to one of our favorite places to chill during summer – shopping malls. Shop, dine, and everything in between, SM Seaside got it all for you! And there’s more this summer with SM Seaside’s Summer Wonderland.


As what its name suggests, Summer Wonderland is a wonder and a dream to all mall-goers this summer. Here are some of the exciting activities that you should watch out at The Skypark:

  • Sunset Lane. A lane solely for an Al Fresco dining experience where you can have a collection of different treats and food from the stalls and nearby restaurants through take outs.
  • Coolers Pop-up. The heat will make you go hungry and thirsty for cold drinks so different pop-up stalls will be available to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. Other summer must-haves are also available at the Coolers Pop-up!
  • Picnic Pods. Enjoy a nice picnic in summer with family and loved ones in designated areas at the Skypark.
  • Immersive Photo Spots. Photo spots will be set-up where you can take photos with immersive effects.
  • Art Walk of Fame. An art walk where you can view different artworks, sculptures, furniture and other pieces by Cebuano artists.
  • Stay Fit at the Skypark. Stay Fit takes advantage of its open space through outdoor fitness which is perfect for a light exercise, jog or yoga.
  • Paw Park. Paw Park lets you have the best summer outdoor playground for your furry friend.

With this much activity though, one should be prepared for every essential. So we have come up with a list to help you be summer ready for Summer Wonderland.

1. Protect your Eyes 

One can’t really enjoy the beauty of outdoors with the sun blazing in their eyes. Protect your eyes from the sun and wear your sunglasses in style. You can bring your own if you have, or you can upgrade your style and buy one that would complement your outfit.

Sunnies | Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

2. Look Fabulous 

Summer wouldn’t be complete without the perfect summer outfit. The ones that are going to be in the gram. The mall is your arena on this one. Look fabulous this summer by visiting American Eagle Outfitters and have your pick to any dress shops in SM Seaside.

American Eagle Outfitters | Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing SM Seaside City Cebu
American Eagle Outfitters | Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

3. Pack for the Essentials 

These days there are just too many things we have to be prepared for and bring with us all the time — face mask, face shield, quarantine pass, sanitizers and many more. That’s why investing for the right bag to compartmentalize all these has become a necessity. Better check out Doughnut where they offer backpacks and all kinds of bags for your every errand or hangout need.

Doughnut | Upper Ground Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

4. Comfortable Footwear 

The perfect footwear for a perfect stroll is the most comfortable one. Crocs are proven to have a collection of the most comfortable active footwear and they have designs that fit the summer vibes.

Crocs | Lower Ground Floor, City Wing SM Seaside City Cebu
Crocs | Lower Ground Floor, City Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

5. Sun Protection 

As much as we love lounging under the sun, too much of it can be harmful, making sunscreens essential especially for a walk or a picnic in Summer Wonderland. Drop by Watsons for this purchase and you are safe from the sun.

Watsons | Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing & Second Floor, Mountain Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

6. The Back-Up 

We can never go without our phone nowadays. It’s a fact. We are also always using it along with our other devices. So, it is just logical to always be prepared in case their batteries run out. A back-up plan is always a solid plan.

Anker | Third Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City Cebu

7. Mask Up and Shield’s On! 

Of course, for a #SafeMallingAtSM experience, don’t forget to bring your own sanitizer, maintain social distancing and wear your face mask & face shield at all times. Watch the video below to know more!

Now that you are summer ready with these essentials, it’s time to plan your Summer Wonderland Dine & Play activities with the #SMSquad at the Skypark in SM Seaside City Cebu. It’s going to be fun!

Click the photo to view Skypark restaurants!

For a #SafeMallingAtSM experience, don’t forget to bring your own sanitizer, maintain social distancing and make sure to wear your face mask & face shield at all times. 

For more details follow SM Seaside City Cebu’s Official Facebook Page and Instagram Page for more details.

How to get to SM Seaside?

Exact Location: SM Seaside City Cebu in South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City.

BY MYBUS: You can take a FREE MyBus ride from/to BDO Fuente Osmena. Or ride any MyBus from SM City Cebu, Talisay, Mandaue City, Parkmall. 

BY CAR/GRAB/TAXI: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “SM Seaside City Cebu”. Parking space is free.

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