Sulpa Island: The Exotic Tropical Islet in Cebu

Craving some solace or some quality quiet time by the beach? How about a whole tropical island all to yourself?

Get to know Sulpa, a hectare-wide islet that is untouched, all-natural, and covered in tropical trees!

Sulpa Island is one of the six satellite islands of Olango. It’s a tiny strip of forest and beach beside the Olango Reef Flat. It’s a small island retreat entirely surrounded by seawater. If you chance a stay that’s just you and your friends or family, the place can be your very own exclusive tropical paradise!

Photo by Aligato John Ray of The Island Nomad
Photo by Aligato John Ray of The Island Nomad
Photo by こげぱん
Photo by VR360 CebuTrip
Photo by なみへい

Located about 4 km from Mactan, and under 1.5 km from Olango, this uninhabited islet is a tropical escape ready to welcome you to a relaxing time in isolation.

Sulpa island is a sleeping island in the morning. There isn’t any activity here, save for the birds fluttering and chirping about, the lazy lapping of the waves, and the relaxed rustling of the leaves on the trees. This is the best time to go if you’d like to experience having the islet all to yourself – something we definitely recommend!

Later in the day, however, the island wakes up and life arrives at the island. Locals and visitors usually come by at noon or the afternoon to lounge and enjoy a picnic. A few vendors even swing by on their motorboats to sell basic goods and some food. It’s assuring to know that even if you’re in isolation, the comforts of modern civilization will still be available to you.

Photo from Babse Babsi Studios Facebook Page
Photo by Martin Nilsson
Photo by Simply Boholana
Photo by こげぱん

There aren’t any facilities on the islet, just a few cottages and barbecue areas for cooking a quick lunch. The lack of human intrusion really adds to its rawness, and that makes it all the more exotic!

The island terrain is rocky, and there’s only one beachfront to enjoy the sand. From here, you can swim and snorkel and simply marvel at the untouched beauty of the sea. There is also a diving jump off point west of the island. The depth is about 50 meters, perfect for beginner divers.

Sulpa Island is a great destination to soak in nature and bask in the sun. It’s quiet and peaceful, just perfect to unwind and get away from the city for a bit!

Photo by Misaki Fukuda
Photo by なみへい
Photo by Simply Boholana
Photo by Kaoru Shiramomo
Photo by Simply Boholana
Photo by Franco Silingardi
Photo by Simply Boholana


Day Use:

  • Entrance Fee: ₱100 per person

Other information

  • There is no electricity on the island.
  • Cottages and picnic areas are available.
  • Camping is allowed.


Exact location: Sulpa Islet, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu – 25 minutes from Mactan Island

BY BOAT: If you’re hopping to Sulpan from Olango, you can hire any boat from the Island shores to bring you to and from Sulpa. Rates will vary and will depend on your haggling skills. For reference, an island-hopping trip to three islands in a day usually costs ₱3,000.

Alternatively, if you’re starting in Cebu or Mactan, you can head over to Parola area in Cordova and hire a boat to take you directly to Sulpa Island. The trip will cost around ₱3,000 as well and takes 25 minutes one way.

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