St. Anthony’s Beach Resort: Asturias’ New Resort That Leads to Manguiao Falls

Every one of us needs a break from the world once in a while. After all, many things are currently happening so rapidly that it can get hard to mentally process. If you are in a budget and want to spend your time of relaxation and peace in a new environment, think about giving St. Anthony’s Beach Resort a go.

Conveniently located just by the highway in the barangay of Tubigagmanok, the resort boasts an ocean-front that invites and tempts its visitors. The place is very serene that ensures you that you can relax and let your soul rest.

Photo by Jesson Morata
Photo by Jesson Morata
Photo by Jesson Morata
Photo by @dookiexave
Photo by @dookiexave
Photo from St. Anthony Beach Resort Facebook Page

They also have their very own café called Café Asturias, which serves the best Asturias has to offer. They have a variety of meals and delights from heavenly pastries like milky cheese donuts to meaty goodness like traditional humba.

You can even kayak on their open shores! But we have not discussed the best part yet. What’s best about staying here is that you can take a dip in Manguiao Falls, a secluded site that is said to be only accessibly by booking a stay here in St. Anthony’s Beach Resort. Look at the photos yourself and see why you should book a stay at the resort as soon as possible.

Photo from @cebueventsblog | Cebu Events Blog Facebook Page
Photo from @cebueventsblog | Cebu Events Blog Facebook Page
Photo from @cebueventsblog | Cebu Events Blog Facebook Page
Photo from @cebueventsblog | Cebu Events Blog Facebook Page



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  • Standard Room: P1,200 per night, air-conditioned, good for 2 pax, free breakfast
  • Family Room: P1,800 per night, air-conditioned, good for 3 pax, free breakfast
  • Studio Room: P3,000 per night, air-conditioned, good for 6 pax, free breakfast



Exact location: Antonio Y De Pio National Hwy, Asturias, Northwestern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from Cebu City.

BY VAN: Take a V-Hire from the Ayala Terminal and let the driver know you are heading to St. Anthony’s Beach Resort at the highway in barangay Tubiganmanok. It is best to have Google Maps assist you while you are heading to the location in the van. The resort is immediately by the highway so dropping off is easy.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “St. Anthony’s Beach Resort” in Asturias. Parking space is available.

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