#SMCyberMonth: How Smart is Your Home?

In recent months, our homes have become a multifunctional space that allow us to rest, do our work, exercise, and bond with our family. So who can blame us if we’re constantly looking for ways to transform it into a smart home? These days, you can just say “Alexa, turn on the TV” and voila, your TV comes to life! Thanks to smart gadgets, our home life can become so much easier and more convenient! 

This Cyber Month, SM Supermalls is offering great deals on a dizzying array of handy gadgets, appliances and nifty tools at SM Cyberzone and leading tech stores to make our homes safer and smarter, and consequently, our downtime or work hours more enjoyable and productive. 

James Deakin checks out (above left) Mi LED smart bulbs at the Mi Store,
(above right) LG Twin Load Washer and (above center) LG Instaview Door in Door Ref at SM Appliance Center.

Just say it! 

Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, or iOT voice assistants have various functions such as setting time and alarms, play media, and even smart home controls. You can connect your phone, smart home lights, air conditioners, and door locks to these voice assistants, and they will all work upon your command. For example, if you have Philips Hue LED Lights or Xiaomi Wi-Fi enabled LED Smart Bulb for smart lights, just say the word and your smart voice assistant can turn on the lights for you! Air feels too hot or too cold? Connect your Mitsubishi in Electric air conditioners with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control and you can adjust the room temperature with a voice command! Forgot to lock up just when you’re about to sleep, smart door locks from Samsung, Yale, and Xiaomi can lock your doors remotely so keeping your home secure is easy!

For an enjoyable cooking experience 

Cooking can be stressful especially if you’re either pressed for time or you’re in charge of preparing dishes for a special occasion. LG’s 24 cu. ft. Instaview Door-in-Door™ with Smart Wi-Fi, can make life easier because it comes with a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks so you can easily view the ingredients that are available or missing, even without opening the doors. This also saves you from the time-consuming effort of searching through your fridge to create your grocery list. With the LG Smart ThinQä, you can also control your refrigerator even when you’re not at home.

Aside from the smart refrigerator, cooking can also be faster, easy-to-clean, and safer with less chance of getting burned or scalded with induction stoves like the Electrolux Induction Hob Electric Oven Free Standing Cooker. Once done with cooking, you can simply rinse your tools and utensils and pop them in the Whirlpool 60m Free-Standing Dishwasher, and leave them to dry. 

For easy house chores 

Even if we’re all staying at home, it’s important that our clothes are always clean. The LG Studio Styler can do just that, as it refreshes and sanitizes garments by reducing allergens for clothes, pillows, and more in minutes. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to save laundry time, the LG Twin Load is the way to go as it not only washes more laundry faster, but also has built-in dryer to dry clothes quickly. 

Too tired to clean the house at the end of an exhausting day of zoom meetings? Get a robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, has a mop function and vacuums the floor. You can connect it to your voice assistant device or set cleaning schedules directly on the robot vacuum. Talk about self-sufficiency – most robot vacuum cleaners are programmed to dock to the charging station when they’re about to run out of power! 

LG BTU Dual Inverter Smart Air Conditioner, LG G1 Smart OLED TV, Kohler Digital Shower Control.
All available at SM Appliance Center.

For maximizing your “me time” 

Our bedroom is that one area in the house where we can truly relax, be ourselves, and de-stress from work. To make your room your own safe space, personalize it with smart devices. You can hook up your room appliances with your own voice assistant device, ask it to dim the lights, turn on the music and the smart air conditioner like the with Wi-Fi. Now, it’s really time to lie down and finally relax after a hard day’s work. 

For bonding with family 

Families who share everyday activities together form stronger emotional bonds. The perfect area to spend time together is the living area or the family room. Because we can’t go to the movie houses yet, why not set up a movie theatre at home? Get the best viewing experience with the LG G1 65-inch 4k Smart OLED TV, and complement it with the LG LHD657 Home Theater, 1,000 watts RMS, 5.1 Channel for the surround sound effect. 

For a safer bathroom experience 

Now more than ever, it’s practical and safe to “smartify” the bathroom. To lessen contact with surfaces and handles, you can start using smart water closets like Kohler intelligent toilet and cleansing seats with functions like flushing, cleansing, auto opening of cover that can be controlled using your smartphone. You can also opt to install smart shower systems like Kohler with Digital Shower Interface. Users can set their ideal water temperature, flow rate, shower duration, and so many more with the smart shower’s control display, smartphone app or voice command. 

Thanks to the wide array of authentic tech options at SM, buying gadgets to make your life easier and stay wired should be a breeze. The best part? There are tons of great tech deals at SM this Cyber Month to help you get #InTheZone but gentle reminder to please follow the safety protocols to have a #SafeMallingAtSM experience.

If you are looking for #TechAssured gadgets to help, get you #InTheZone for this year’s Cyber Month, just head over to your nearest and trusted SM Mall and #CheckCyberzone or go to www.smcyberzone.com. For more information on guidelines and other activities, visit www.smsupermalls.com or follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

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