Skewered Saang: Cebu’s underrated street food favorite

Hello, mga Sugboanons! Have you ever tried “Saang” before? Just so you don’t get confused, a Saang (Lambis scorpius) is just like a regular aninikad (Plicate conch), but its shell has ‘horns’. I’m sure you’ve encountered this dish before – it’s usually boiled and served hot in the table; and even sawsaw (dip) it in vinegar or soy sauce.

This type of shellfish is usually common in coastal towns where you’d find many other fresh seafoods caught daily – but it has also reached the main city Cebu, and I’m not just talking about market places; you’d usually find these in travelling vendors/cart merchants too!

Photo from the wires
Photo from The Sibutad Tourism Office Facebook Page

Yes, it can be both an appetizer, an ulam (side dish), and a snack! The prices would vary, depending on sizes; but commonly it only cost ₱25 per stick.

Vendors crack the shell open exposing its meat, or use a pin to pluck the meat out of its shell! And gently pulls the claw/fin of the meat.

Their sauce is a great combo for it; it’s a jar filled with vinegar, mixed with chopped onions, garlic, and chili peppers – you could even pair it with a puso (hanging rice) to experience the Cebuano dining to a more authentic level!

Photo from
Photo from the wires

You should keep an eye out for these carts! Colon is usually where I spot these types of vendors, but I know there’s more of these in other parts of Cebu. 

If you haven’t tried it, I say you should, at least once! It’s a great way to understand and experience the culinary seafood world in the Philippines!

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