8 Signs to Resign

Have you ever felt like the job you have right now isn’t something you’d expected it to be? Like no matter what you do, you always end up thinking about moving on to a greener pasture and just go straight the exit sign.

 I mean, having a bad day at work every now and then is normal, but if you’re having more bad days than the good days, then I guess it’s time you consider it a red flag and look for other possibilities.

But don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be too hasty to quit your job, maybe give it a thought or two because once you’ve handed in that resignation letter, there’s no turning back.

So, when should you really leave your job? Here are top 8 warnings you should consider:

1. Lack of growth

Having a job means to dedicate your time and energy into your work for eight hours or more. However, if your commitment leads to not having an opportunity to grow then it might be the right time to move on. Do not let yourself stay at a company that would not support the progress of your career.

2. You constantly look at the time

Another red flag to consider is when you find yourself constantly staring at the clock. It’s still 10:00 in the morning and yet you’re already looking forward for the day to end. Eventually, you start counting down because you just can’t wait to head home.

3. You feel like your work is becoming a routine

If your work makes you feel like you’ve lost your enthusiasm because everything just became monotonous and you’re just there continually fighting boredom, then it’s a good indicator to quit your job.

4. There’s no work-life balance

Prioritizing work is not a problem but make sure that you maintain a proper work-life balance to avoid a burnout. This will make a great impact on your mental health and wellbeing so if you’re deeply sure that your current job won’t allow this kind of equal separation between personal and professional lives, hand in that resignation letter.

5. Work environment is toxic

Being part of a poisonous workplace is quite tough. It absorbs all the positive energy and weighs down both personal and professional lives. But how would you know if your workplace is toxic? Some of the most obvious signs include unnecessary drama, verbal abuse, poor communication, rumors flying around, and a whole lot more. So, if these issues are present in your workplace, then better move on to a new one.

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6. It’s affecting your health

Sure, it’s great to be engaged in your work and love your job, however, you should consider the effects of working for more than 8-9 hours. This could lead to lesser hours of sleep, no time to exercise, and could cause detrimental effects both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that no job is worth risking your health.

7. You’re constantly complaining about you work

When you’re out with your friends, do you find yourself complaining about your job and how much everyone at your workplace annoys you? If you do, then it might be another red flag to consider.

8. You’re reading this

Come on, if you’re reading this article, something must be bothering you. A word of advice, if you thought about quitting your job several times already, that alone is a sign.

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  1. just started working and now I have 6 out of 8 signs that I should resign. But seeing all sugbo’s post about food and travel makes me not want to quit….


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