LOOK: The Proposed ‘Seafront City’ in Consolacion

The reclamation projects that have helped Cebu City reach its level of economic stability is about to also happen in its neighboring towns – this time, in Consolacion.

Seafront City, a project that is still in the works, will surely push the people of Consolacion become more optimistic of their town’s progress in the future. It is a 235.80-hectare reclamation project situated in Barangay Tayud, Municipality of Consolacion, Cebu.

Seafront City, a Public Partnership Project with developer La Consolacion Seafront Development Corporation (LCSDC), will consist of two reclamation types. The first one is an island type with an area of 160.56 hectares while the second type is a foreshore-based type with area of 75.24 hectares.

The lots are separated by a 50-meter waterway to serve as storm drainage outlet of the mainland and provide pathway for small boats to access the sea. Five bridges will be constructed to connect the two lots.

The project is aimed to become a smart city estate. A smart city is a place where traditional networks and services are made more flexible, efficient, and sustainable with the use of information, digital and telecommunication technologies, to improve its operations for the benefit of its inhabitants. It aims for a more efficient use of infrastructure, more informed decision making, more engaged population, and more resilient cities.

Several amenities to be expected include roadways, relocation, mangrove parks, coastal easement, and spaces for utilities. There will also be spaces for industrial, mixed-use commercial, tourist and entrepreneur, mixed-use residential, and institutional use. The institutional area will house government buildings, auditoriums, assembly halls, schools, churches hospitals, civic centers, cultural facilities, and other related sociocultural and institutional uses.


Traffic congestion has been a long-time dilemma for most people travelling to this part of Cebu. The development of this project will help address these challenges for mobility in the area. Also, it is expected to help increase the internal revenue budget for Barangay Tayud, contribute to the LGU’s economy and that of the province’s too.

Seafront City is anticipated to generate employment to 57,000 to 60,000 and augment government revenue by an average of Php 600million per year.

Furthermore, this project aspires to transform foreshore, offshore and seas within the municipal territorial limits into an international investment, tourism, commercial, residential and economic hub. Given the development changes in Metro Cebu and Consolacion’s close proximity to the 4th Cebu-Mactan Bridge Project, full occupancy of Mactan Export Processing Zone (MEPZ), and the alignment of the proposed Mandaue-Consolacion-Liloan Bypass Road, Seafront City is indeed a sure way to boost local tourism and drive economic growth.


At least 10 shipyard operators are opposing the proposed project that would “dislocate dry docks where more than 300 vessels get maintenance and repairs and put at risk their seaworthiness.”

According to Shipyard Association of Consolacion Cebu (SACC) in a letter addressed to Director William Cuñado of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), if the project continues, this means more than 300 vessels will have to look for other places or have to wait for months every year for their vessel to be certified as seaworthy.

“Not only will this greatly affect the shipping industry but will also compromise the safety of the traveling public,” the group added. About 70 percent of the repair and maintenance of the vessels were being done in shipyards in Tayud.

However, Consolacion Vice Mayor Teresa Alegado claimed that only the shipyard operators opposed the project which she insisted would benefit the residents of Consolacion.

Barangay Tayud has a population of 25,000 and at least 25 percent of the people have jobs in the shipyards.

There’s no doubt that Consolacion is the next big thing in the province, alongside other towns of Cebu that are slowly gaining the spotlight not just for natural attractions but also for property and urban development. And while there are still those in opposition for the proposed project, Seafront City is still hoped to bring a better, more progressive Lacion in the years to come.

Photos and renders from La Consolacion Seafront Development Corporation (LCSDC) and Tobes Environmental Consulting.

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