A Collection of Sad Stories Recalled by Moira’s Paubaya

A considerable amount of time has passed since Moira Dela Torre released her new song “Paubaya” just last October 23. As of November 9, the lyric video uploaded by the singer herself has garnered 16 million views on Youtube, which is an admirable feat for Philippine online standards. It has been talked about a lot in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter mainly about how sad yet beautiful it sounds. The song has also garnered many sad stories as it reminded people of the hardships of love, whether it be platonic, familial, or romantic. Moira even responded to one of the sad stories by Sachi, who recounted about how her partner of 7 years chose a random one-night stand girl who he got pregnant.


However, even until now, people are still pouring out their hearts and their tears as they recall their melancholic memories in the comment section of the lyric video, so here are some of those stories compiled in this article.


Allow me to share my story [because] I just feel comfortable opening up by reading the comments here. I was in love with a guy for 7 yrs he was my hs crush. We got along when I was in college (2013) and I grew a deep feeling towards him. Tho I was aware with his bad behaviour I just believed all the good things in him. After I graduated (2015), he took courage and asked us to be officially together. We introduced each other to both families. I can say I was really happy like everything was happening according to how I pictured out my life to be. I was with my mom doing our fam business, he was working as a seafarer. We made plans, including marriage. Everyone who knew us expected us to end up with each other too. But something happened (2018) I found out he was still having that behaviour. He cheated on me. Worst, his family knew and they tolerated it. I was betrayed by the people I love most. He asked me for chance, and I stayed. I waited for him to be the man he promised me to be. A lot of things happened then. Fast forward to this year 2020. I decided to stand for myself. January on my birthday I took courage to free myself from all the troubles I was putting myself into. I can’t stay to a life with uncertainties esp with this age. I left my place and went to Boracay and try a new life. He was on board that time. We were still talking til June and I told him I am so confused and I need to figure out my life. I need to find myself again [because] I lost it when I was him. And I can’t wait for him to decide for me. He told me to talk about everything about us when he comes back. August, he came home and I found out he already got himself a new girl. I was left with no closure. October, got news that his girl is pregnant and they’re gonna get married on December.

I am still left with questions: “Am I not enough?” “Was I the only one who loved truly?” “Why I am easily getting replaced to?” “Were all those years being together just all lies?”

I try to convince myself that it’s okay and it’s gonna be okay. I am going to be okay. But the damage he left in me is too hard to fix.

Moira, you were with me when I was imagining myself in the aisle walking and singing IKAW AT AKO and TAGPUAN in our wedding. You were with me when I was grieving with your PATAWAD, PAALAM trilogy songs. Right now, PAUBAYA is gonna be my last song for him.

Be a man now my love. Congratulations. ❤️

2. “I was never a choice for 3 times” by Christy Bunquin

I might say this is the song of my life. I had a boyfriend when I was on my 4th year HS. He is the first man I introduced to my parents until we went to college he realized that he still love his ex gf, [I’m] hurt and in pain so I tried to chase him but still in the end I chose to let him go because maybe he [doesn’t] want me anymore, even though I loved him so much. After a year I fell for someone, I loved him, he loved me we were in [an] LDR. My mom is against it. And his ex is always around so as an [immature] girl I broke up with him thinking he might be better with her ex again and it broke me so much it took me 4 years to have courage to love again and I fell in love with my [best friend] who I knew for almost 7 years. He confessed his love for me and I let him court me, again [an] LDR. He left me after 2 months to be together with a girl he just knew and went back on me three times but in the end, he admitted he still loves her first love. That’s when I chose to leave. We didn’t even [get] a chance to have a label in those 3 chances.

I was never a choice for 3 times. I loved them with all I’ve had but still I am not enough.  They still loved their exes and I [can’t] do anything about it. I don’t want to force anyone to love me. Kailangan kong magpaubaya dahil hindi na sakin masaya ata wala na akong magawa. [It’s] been 5 years now since my last serious relationship and I hope the next one is the right one. ���❤️

3. “Tinuring lang bilang taga support” by Annonymous Lady

I had a friend he’s aspiring to be an artist, support ko sya sa lahat ng gusto nya hindi nya alam na may pagtingin ako sa kanya, naging sweet kami sa isa’t -isa. Kahit malayo pinupntahan ko sya from bulacan to marikina para lang makita sya kahit 3am nako umuuwi para lang masuportahan sya. Dahil ganun ko sya kamahal. Hanggang nabusy ako sa school dahil may exam kami after 2 weeks nabusy ako at hindi nagpakita dahil need ko mag focus sa exam, Nagmessage siya saakin ng video at sabi nya ” SUPPORT KITA SA EXAM MO OKAY LANG KAHIT HNDI KA NAKAKAPNTA MAHALAGA ANG PAG AARAL ” at nag focus ako dahil isa sya sa inspirasyon ko. Hanggang sa sumikat na sya nag karon ng katrabaho. After 2 weeks pag balik ko pag bukas ko ng sasakyan nya may kasama na syang babae at kaakbay nya sa Car kasama ang family niya.

Durog na durog ako habang sinusuportahan ko sya sa lahat at nag eeffort ako akala ko nakikita nya yun. Ayun pala hanggang dun lang tagasuporta lang ang turing nya saakin at may nakapagsabi saakin ” hindi nya ako tinuring na kaibigan. Tinuring lang nya ko bilang taga support sa kanya ” after 3 years sinuportahan ko sya lahat lahat.

Hindi talaga sya para saakin, at thanks God i’m happily married with one kid. Salamat sa kanya parin dahil kung di sa kanya hndi ako matututo. At pinapaubaya ko na sya sa babaeng gusto nya :)

4. “My last name will be hers” by Clowy Lee Sato

My Mom cheated while my Dad was working abroad to sustain our financial situation. As of this moment, they’re already separated on their own rights but their status is still married because they never did have enough time to process legal separation. Currently, my Dad is also in a relationship with another [woman]. Though, I’m not close to the second [woman], I still do understand my dad’s situation about being left behind. His happiness is my priority. Our [parents’] happiness is all what we ask for. And I ask Dad about legal separation with my Mom but he said “at least I still fulfill my promises to your mom that my last name will be hers till’ my last breath”. And that caught me off guard. Not all promises are meant to be broken. Mom is happy with her second family and Dad the same. My older brother [passed] away bcoz’ he was also broken hearted unacceptable of the situation. And me and my young brother left also with a broken heart of a family we always wish we have. Letting both your parents find their happiness is also a “Paubaya”. And a friendly reminder to all people reading this that please love your parents, respect them even in difficult times. Not all we’re blessed to have a complete family. Please cherish them while you guys are still their happiness because you never know how much it hurts to be left behind knowing you no longer be their happiness.

5. “Ako yung kailangan pero iba ang mahal” by Ms Cinder

I just want to confess my greatest love.

We were friends at during our friendship days, sa akin siya lumalapit kapag nag-aaway sila no’ng [girlfriend] niya. Okay lang dahil magkaibigan naman kami. Pero iniwan siya ng [girlfriend] niya dahil career and family centered si Shai. Halos madurog din ako noon noong nakita ko si Tan-tan na gabi-gabing umiiyak. He is failing his subjects and I can’t let him down dahil graduating na kami. So, I helped him stand up, kahit gabi gabi akong pinapagalitan nila mama dahil late na akong umuwi para i-review si Tan-tan sa exams at tulungan sa paggawa ng plates niya dahil archi student siya at engineering naman ako. Muntikan na siyang sumabit but I believed in him and thankfully, we passed these trials and grauduated together. Time flies so fast and after a couple of years, he courted me and I answered him “yes, tayo na! Wala nang bawian!” right after he asked if he can “court” me. Wala nang intro-intro kami na agad. Our relationship was almost perfect. Kapag mag-aaway kami, laging may nagpapakumbaba. Until, we decided to take our relationship into the next stage, he proposed to me and I undoubtly said “yes” pero tangina ng tadhana. Tangina lang! Ewan ko kung tadhana o sinadya ni Shai na kunin si Tan-tan para mag-design para sa renovation ng bahay niya. It pains me! Gone are those sparkle in his eyes whenever he looks at me. Those smiles he used to wear whenever he sees me. Lahat nang ‘yon bumalik kay Shai. Hanggang sa bumalik rin siya kay Shai. The night he broke up to me, hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang linya niyang, “Kahit sino pa pala ang dumating, siya pa rin. Sorry, Catherine. Sorry” then bago kami maghiwalay sabi ko “sige kung saan siya masaya, doon ako.” I even asked him if he truly loved me. Tapos sagot niya “naging komportable ako sa piling mo.” Yun yung mas masakit e.

Di ko alam kung paano ako tatayo no’ng iniwan niya ako. Pinagsasampal ko siya noon dahil di ko alam kung saan ibabaling yung sakit na nararamdaman ko. Ang sakit sakit tangina! Gago siya! Gago sila! Wala pang ilang buwan na naghiwalay kami nagpakasal na agad sila dahil buntis si Shai at guess what? She’s 3 months pregnant! 3 months! It’s been 3 months simula nag-umpisa project na renovation ng bahay ni Shai. Kakakita palang nila noon, sabik na sabik siguro sila sa isa’t isa. I almost lost my job dahil sa heart break ko na yon, pero wala na akong magagawa, andito na ako. I can’t take him back anymore, I can’t ruin their family and he won’t let me do so. Almost 6 years na rin pala, I am 32 already at wala pa ring asawa and I am not planning to love another man. Isa rin sa mga dahilan kung bakit hindi na ako nakipag-relasyon sa iba ay dahil hindi ko naman mababantayan ang magiging karelasyon ko dahil halos isang taon akong nasa dagat. Hindi ko rin magagampanan ang role ko as a [girlfriend] if ever I enter a romantic relationship with another guy.

I can relate to the line “ako yung kailangan pero iba ang mahal” but in my case, hindi niya ako kailangan, I just pushed myself to him during his darkest time and he find comfort. This song literally [breaks] my heart. Sobrang sakit kasi kada linya parang kwento ng buhay pag-ibig ko. This song made me wonder, if he was thinking of her while he is kissing me, hugging me and cuddling me. Hanggang ngayon ang sakit-sakit pa rin. Saan nga ba ako nagkulang? Saan ba? Wala akong makitang sagot.

I hope 5 or 10 years ahead of now, naka-move on na ako and happily living my life somewhere in Switzerland, the country where we planned to settle down.

My best boy, bakit naman ganon, tan? We have numerous goals for our future pero bakit sa iba mo tinupad lahat ng mga pinangako mo sa akin? Masakit pa rin pero kailangan kong tanggapin that I am just a part of your journey. At the end of your journey, siya pa rin ang dead end mo. I love you always and forever. Ang gago mo pa rin! Alam mo naman ikaw yung first love ko, sabi mo di mo ako hahayaang masaktan pero ikaw pa mismo ang dumurog sa pagkatao ko.

I hate myself for getting mad at him and loving him at the same time. Galit ako kasi nasaktan ako dahil minahal ko siya at mahal ko pa rin siya kahit dinurog niya ako.

P.S. hindi po kami magka-trabaho, Hindi ko sya nababantayan dahil marine engineer ako. 9 months kontrata ko sa barko minsan umaabot pa ng 11 mos. I appreciate your words. Glad you love my love story coz i don’t.

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