How to get your RFID sticker for CCLEX access

It’s crazy to think we now have an 8km toll bridge in mainland Cebu that connects to Cordova. This ₱30-billion project from Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation is a long-awaited project that began in June 2017. 

And here we are, having the main bridge’s deck finally connected, which is marked as a significant event and historical moment this year.

Photo by The Island Nomad / John Ray Aligato
Photo by The Island Nomad / John Ray Aligato
hoto by The Island Nomad / John Ray Aligato
hoto by The Island Nomad / John Ray Aligato

On October 29, 2021, Metro Pacific Tollway Corporation’s chairman, Manny Pangilinan, led the ceremony announcing the major milestone of CCLEX and its affiliated project team, has achieved. Cebu’s key members and leaders showed to witness the event as they mark the bridge that symbolizes Cebu’s economic growth & prosperity, developing transportation sector and infrastructure.

This also means that you can now register online for an appointment for your CCLEX’s issued RFID sticker installation on your vehicle.

How to get your RFID Sticker?

  1. Go to
  2. Before signing up, please make sure you have information on your license plate or conduction number if the plate is still not available. Then fill out the registration form.
  3. Pick an available schedule and installation site.
  4. Proceed to the RFID sticker installation areas on your schedule

RFID Sticker Installation Sites

  1. SM Seaside City Cebu in SRP, Cebu City
  2. Landers Superstore in Mabolo, Cebu City
  3. Mactan Newtown, at the parking near McDo
  4. Pueblo Verdo in Lapu-Lapu City (near the PUV Terminal)
  5. Anjo World Theme Park in Minglanilla

Walk-ins are NOT allowed. You need to register online as instructed above and set an appointment.

Photo from SM Seaside City Cebu
Photo from SM Seaside City Cebu
Photo from Anjo World Theme Park
Photo from Anjo World Theme Park

What is an RFID?

What is ‘RFID’ you say? It’s the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification which means that this sticker is no ordinary one! It’s capable of electromagnetically transmitting digital data towards a machine/reader. Pretty neat.

For those who still don’t get it, it means the ‘contactless and cashless’ toll process of using CCLEX’s electronic toll collecting system to provide a more constant flow of traffic in the bridge.


  • Cable-stayed main span: 390 m
  • Total Length: 8.5 km
  • Number of lanes: 2 x 2 (total of 4 lanes)
  • Height of bridge: 51m (nav. clearance); 145m (tower height)
  • Concession Period: 35 years
  • Design Speed: 60 kph (at Approcahes) 80kph (at Main Bridge and Causeway)

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  1. Maayo pa ang cebu 4 years lang nahuman nga billion billion ang gasto gikan pa gyud sa gawas sa nasud ang daghan mga materials. Pero ang flood control dinhis Cagayan de Oro tungod sa bagyong SENDONG hapit nang 11 years hangtud karon wa pa gyud nahuman . Nangadaut naman gani ang uban nga parte. Hapit napud ang December nga among gikahadlukan kay mao ni ang month nga magbaha…

  2. When will you resume cclex rfid in sm seaside because my schedule was supposed to be today 10am I went there but you have not yet resumed since the typhoon.


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