How to renew your Driver’s License with a 10-Year Validity

To the aspiring drivers, worry no more!

For only P585, you can get your driver’s license valid for ten years given that you follow these following conditions:

  • You have no traffic violation
  • You must pass the Comprehensive Drivers Education (CDE)
  • The expiration date of your license must be renewed early (60 days before the expiration date)
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To be able to renew, here’s how:

1. You have to secure a medical certificate located outside of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Fee is only P500.

This is to check your weight, height, vision.

2. You have to register online by clicking this link:

All the details needed for you to secure youe driver’s license will be on the page, so as your CDE.

3. Should you pass the exam, a certificate will be sent to you via e-mail as proof that you have passed the exam. You will then be given a paper for renewal.

You will then proceed to Window 1 and pass your requirements;

  • Old driver’s license
  • Medical Results
  • Passed CDE Exam

Then, wait for the cashier in Window 7 to call your attention.

4. Once called by the cashier, you just have to pay P585.00 for the renewal of your license. Thereafter, you will then know whether you are qualified for the 10-year or 5-year renewal. You just have to wait for the clerk from Windows 2 and/or 3.

5. You will then proceed to Windows 2&3 for your biometrics to be registered;

  • Fingerprint
  • Picture
  • Signature

Well, renewing your license is not that hard at all, right? We just have to know the right procedure and prepare the necessary documents. Then, you are good to go.

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