LOOK: Original Rattan Weavers of Furniture and Crafts in Sogod, Cebu

Admit it. You’ve also been sucked up by that aesthetic world that only woven rattan can give. We have all searched where to buy it and even order it wherever we see it, which I am guilty of.

Little did we know, we have here the original weavers itself and products that are much more high-quality made than those others out there.

Located in the national highway going to Northern Cebu in Sogod, woven rattan furniture and other handicraft products made from natural organic materials are seen being sold lined up along the street.

Rattan is a type of climbing or trailing vine-like palm found in the tropical jungles in Asian countries and the largest source is our own, the Philippines. So, it’s no wonder that we have the original creators/weavers here as it has always been part of our culture.

Photo from google.com
Photo from google.com

Identified by its tough, solid stems, a rattan’s vine can grow as long as 200 to 500 feet but is cut into 13-foot lengths when harvested. They are then dried in the sun and then stored for seasoning. After that, they are straightened, graded by diameter and quality then shipped to furniture manufacturers or for this article, to our Sogod rattan weavers.

As a material, rattan is lightweight. It is easy to move and handle and can withstand extreme conditions of changing weather may it be the hottest summer, the coldest nights or the humid air. It also has a natural resistance to insects which makes it the type of material that would survive in a tropical country.

Photo from google.com

All the rattan products made in Sogod are well known for its strength and durability. They are able to be bend and curve these rattan materials taking on many wonderful curving forms with its light, golden color.

They are certainly of high level of beauty and comfort which makes it perfect for all your aesthetic dreams and designs. It brightens a room or outdoor environment conveying the tropical paradise that the Philippines is.


  • Placemats- P120
  • Baskets- P200
  • Boxes- P500
  • Laundry basket- P500-P1400 (big)
  • Placemat mug-P40
  • Plant pots stand- P400, P1,100 (set of 3)

Note: Rates may be subject to change by sellers and your haggling skills.


Exact location: National Highway, Sogod, Cebu – approx. 2-3 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: Go to Cebu City North Bus Terminal and ride on a bus bound for Sogod or would pass by Sogod.Ask the driver to drop you off at one of the stalls along the road.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sogod”. They are all just along the road.

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