Soon to rise: ‘Puso Village’ at the new Carbon District in Cebu City

This Christmas season, there will only be one place for shoppers and tourists to go to for the best of Cebuano food and products: Carbon District’s Puso Village.

Carbon has long been an open secret among locals for its affordable prices; now, with the modernization project of the Cebu City local government and Cebu2World Inc. (C2W), locals as well as tourists can take advantage of Carbon’s famed barato prices while enjoying the best of Cebuano food and products – all in one destination! 

The Puso Village will be one of the first attractions to open in the modernized Carbon District in the fourth quarter of this year. With canopies shaped like Cebu’s famous puso (hanging rice), this unique destination will feature new gastronomic adventures that showcase the best of Cebuano flavors. Those in need of retail therapy may also visit the Puso Village, as it will also house various local merchants that sell art, gifts, toys, gadgets, and clothing.

“We are excited to introduce the Puso Village in the Carbon District in time for Christmas. This new dining and shopping complex is something that all Cebuanos can be proud of. It’s a new destination that is rich in history and culture, but at the same time modern, a perfect marriage between the past and the future,” said Cristina Angan, Director for C2W.

Puso Village will also be a haven for merchants and vendors with its opening expected to spur richer trade and generate more jobs in the retail and food industry. This milestone signals a new beginning for those who were badly affected by the pandemic, with C2W prioritizing homegrown businesses and products as locators.

“Many people are itching to go out and have fun, after being stuck at home for more than a year now. With the inoculation rates today, we are bullish that the public will be more confident to visit the Puso Village come Christmastime not just to enjoy the destination but also to support local Cebuano entrepreneurs. Of course, we will continue to adhere to the required health standards,” Angan said.

Cebuano Food and Products take center stage at Puso Village

A one-of-a-kind dining and shopping destination, the Puso Village will house a variety of mini-anchors that will showcase the artistic flair and flavorful palates of both local and national entrepreneurs.

With both open-air and airconditioned areas, Puso Village already has two food concepts to look forward to: the Food Avenue and Carbon’s very own Lechon Alley.

“The best of Cebuano tastes and delicacies will come together in Puso Village. The Food Avenue will not only showcase classic Cebuano dishes we all crave such as ginabot, ngohiong, larang, bakasi and pochero, it will also feature new food concepts by local entrepreneurs and international flavors to whet the appetite of every visitor,” said Angan.  

Already generating some local buzz is the Lechon Alley – an entire street dedicated to the most quintessential and arguably best-loved of all Cebuano delicacies, the Cebu Lechon. Well-loved names will be joined by both new and homegrown brands to make Lechon Alley a true showcase of Cebu’s famous roast pig.  

“Overall, the ambience is casual and relaxed. There will be selections for every taste and budget choice, whether you’re there for a quick merienda or an all-out dinner,” assured Angan. SuTuKil, a Bisdak dining experience featuring grills, stews, and the local version of ceviche, kinilaw; barbecues; and drinks and desserts will also be on offer.  

The Puso Village’s distinct Cebuano setting is highlighted by an expansive view of the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, the Mactan Channel, and the new Sto. Nino Chapel and Park. 

The open-air chapel, which takes its shape from the crown of the Sto. Nino de Cebu, will be completed by the fourth quarter of the year and opened in time for Fiesta Señor Sto. Niño 2022. An eminent figure of the Holy Child – around 30 feet tall – will be set on the chapel roof, watching over devotees and the looking out over the Mactan Channel. 

Cebu City’s must-see destination

“We’re opening at exactly the right time. Vaccinations are now in full swing in Cebu City, but we are still very careful about where we bring our families – we want large, open spaces where we can observe physical distancing. At Puso Village, you can all have that while still enjoying a wide selection of food and shopping at affordable prices. There’s no other destination like this in Cebu – it’s the must-see, must-visit location and it’s right here in the heart of our city,” concluded Angan.

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