Plantitas Flex: How expensive are your plants?

Plantitas flex check.

Yes, some of you might not consider plants pricey or having of great value but they do. They are very expensive to a point where you just want to quit your job and start planting.

Plantitas, true plantitas are very rich believe me. But all their money are on those pots or the ones growing on them. All that investment on different pots and type of plants is really over the top.

So, we have made a list of all the most expensive plants found here in Cebu or the country. Now, you might want to check this list for there may be a treasure growing in one or two of your pots, you’ve never noticed before.

1. Green Snake Plant

Price: P6,050

The most commonly seen and yet taken for granted. I thought it might be cheaper because it is almost everywhere but surprise, they are definitely not cheap. The Green Snake Plant is of low-maintenance with not much sunlight and water needed. It is famous as an air freshener indoors.

Photo from by Noyo creatif

2. Pilea peperomioides

Price: P6,500

It is famous for being a Chinese money plant, it is an herb that thrives indoors with indirect sunlight. A table or desk plant for sure as with its cute seemingly round leaves going after our hearts and our pockets. It also only requires to be watered every one to two weeks. It is also an air purifier and famous for its symbolism as a money plant.

Photo from by Matheus Kohler

3. Calathea orbifolia

Price: P7,000

With its sophisticated decorative lines in its leaves, the Calathea orbifolia is a prayer plant. They definitely look expensive but I never thought this would be its price. Sell one of these and you’ll get a whooping 7k. It is carefully kept in partial shade, humidity, and good drainage. It provides a better indoor climate as an air purifier and as an aesthetic piece.

Photo from website

4. Anthurium clarinervium

Price: P10,000

Now, this might look like a normal, simple plant but notice that its leaves has whitish veins making it more beautiful and elegant. Make sure to keep this in mind when you search your pots for this particular to not mistake it in something else of similar form. They can be found sometimes in nature, growing on the side of cliffs, rocks, and trees, so you  might want to check out the surrounding vegetation the next time you go camping. You might want to avoid overwatering a pot of Anthurium clarinervium and placing it under direct sunlight.

Photo from website

5. Philodendron Lisa

Price: P15,000

It has a woman’s name and it sure looks beautiful. From its unique color, it is quite hard to find but not impossible which is why it’s pricey. It is also sometimes called Majesty which fits because it just exudes this confidence and power while still looking gorgeous. Just make sure not to put it under direct sunlight and keep the soil and roots wet.

Photo from website

6. Variegated Alocasia Plant

Price: P18,000 – 20,000

It’s a must have for those that can afford I might add. Its staggering price may have come from its exceptional elephant ear plant reputation. Its beautiful large green and white variegated leaves and height makes it more magnificent and ideal for an indoor design. It needs bright, indirect light and a moist soil to grow.

Photo from website

7. Monstera Albo

Price: P60,000

These variegated monsteras are rare as you can tell with its over the top price. It’s a big plant with large stunning white patterns that covers almost half of its leaves. You can see these being placed in high end buildings and resorts. To care for it, just keep it in a room with low light and it does not even require frequent watering.

Photo from website

After writing this, I am now quite sure that my mother has at least 7 out of that list. It is time to water them plants and sell them.

How about you? Have you seen one of your plants on this list?

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