IN PHOTOS: Cebu City after Typhoon #OdettePH

We’ve seen a lot of posts saying there’s not much coverage from the national news about Cebu and other VisMin areas after the ravaging of Typhoon Odette. Well, this is what’s happening in Cebu right now since Thursday night, December 16, 2021.

Happening in Cebu to date: 

  •  No electricity 
  •  No water 
  •  Limited cellular signal 
  •  People are lining up for hours for groceries 
  •  Vehicles are lining up for hours for gasoline/fuel
  •  Limited ATMs / Banks are available for cash dispensing
  •  Most Cebu tourist attractions are not the same as before. Most are heavily destroyed and seem to take time to recover.
  •  Most roads, especially in Cebu south, are still not passable.
  •  Ports have yet to announce definite travel schedules.

Cebuanos are still trying to survive while waiting for further assistance.

 On the brighter note,

  • Companies with generators are opening their doors for charging, free wifi.
  • Small businesses with sufficient water supply are offering water refilling.
  • Several supermarkets have already reopened to accommodate shopping for essentials.
  • LGUs and other workers are already working on road clearing.

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