Jump into Cold Water at Obong Spring Resort in Dalaguete

From the famous Osmeña Peak in the highland to the white sandy shoreline of Dalaguete Beach Park, a weekend trip heading south seems like a great idea, don’t you think? But if you’re afraid of heights to see the peaks, and/or allergic to the salty seawater, then Obong Spring Resort is your go-to. A huge basin of blue-green water surrounded by colorful umbrellas, this resort with an entrance fee for as low as 5 pesos should be on your list.

Photo by Belle Lazarte

Where the Freshwater Meets the Sea

Coldwater springs underneath the basin, creating a huge pool. However, during high tides, the seawater which is just a few meters away meets the freshwater. This is called an estuary. Both children and adults can enjoy the cold spring because the water is not too deep. Just be vigilant with your little ones though. The bluish-green color is because of the mossy bottom and some sand particles from the connected sea. If you want to take a dip in colder water, wait for the low tide since the pool is mostly freshwater. If you’re up for warmer water, high tide is the best time to soak because of the seawater. 

Photo by Jhunx Cristobal

Shady ‘Dalakit’ Tree

Quick fact: there is a mulberry tree in Montenegro that is famous for the waterfall-like spring coming out from the upper trunk. The locals call it “the tree that springs” or “water springing tree”. In Obong Spring Resort, the water is believed to spring from an old tree the locals call ‘dalakit’. This tree is believed to be more than a century old and became a pride to Dalaguete. However, a huge volume of water like that in Obong does not spring directly from the tree. Science explained that spring is the result of an aquifer being filled to the point that the water overflows onto the land surface. It just happened that the dalakit tree is sitting on top of a rock where the water springs.

Photo from Clyde’s Mamitikay Facebook Page
Photo from Clyde’s Mamitikay Facebook Page
Photo by Belle Lazarte
Photo by Belle Lazarte

Preserved and Developed

The local government in Dalaguete is on a mission to look after the natural beauty within the area. Tourists come from different places to experience the majestic beauty of Obong Spring Resort. To provide amenities, sheds were constructed on the poolside for visitors to use. There are parasols and cottages for rental to cater to your food. You should be well aware that during high tides, water will reach the sheds up to the feet level so you might want to secure your food and other things on higher ground to keep them dry. 

Photo by Lealyn Grace Saycon
Photo by joffee abellar
Photo by Peejay Bendigosa
Photo by Mira Joy Ligas Baguinang
Photo by Mira Joy Ligas Baguinang
Photo by Mira Joy Ligas Baguinang
Photo by Mira Joy Ligas Baguinang

Trained lifeguards are stationed in the resort for the lookout and first aids in case of accidents. Dressing rooms were built for convenience. You just have to pay a cheap fee amounting to 5 pesos. It’s not that much considering how beautiful the place is. You get to enjoy the wide pool of cold water with a hint of salt, have time with your family and friends, relax a bit under the sun, refreshed from a good dip, and on top of that, you get to experience all of that for 10 pesos only. Tip: Visit during weekdays and earlier too if you want a quieter Obong Spring Resort all by yourself.



  • Entrance fee:
    • Php 5 per head for kids
    • Php10 per head for adults
  • Opening hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm daily
  • Cottage: Php100-php300



Exact location:  Obong, Dalaguete, Southern Cebu, Philippines — approx. 2-3 hours away from the city.

BY BUS/VAN/JEEP (COMMUTERS):   Head to South Bus Terminal. You can take any bus that will pass by Dalaguete. Since Obong Spring Resort is a famous destination, you can ask the conductor to drop you off in the resort. Travel time is around 2 hours from the city proper with fare amounting to 120-150 pesos.

From Dalaguete junction, you can ride a tricycle to Obong Spring Resort for 10 pesos only.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Obong Spring Resort” in Dalaguete. Parking fee applies from 5-20 pesos only. All kinds of vehicles are allowed except for six-wheelers and bigger.

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