Secrets Revealed: Confessions of the Newest Shampoo Girls from Visayas

In a rare, tell all interview finally their hair secrets are out!

As soon as the lights goes out and their stilettoes are hanged, these 3 up and coming queens can be considered as regular girls with beautiful hair to show off.

So, what’s their secret?

Nicole Borromeo, Kim Crizaldo and Chelsea Fernandez representing Central, Western and Eastern Visayas shared how they discovered the triple action formula of Rejoice. The 3 queens being the newest Rejoice shampoo girls in Visayas have revealed their secrets in achieving a beautiful crowning glory so that you too can experience how it is to be a Rejoice shampoo girl.

Eat Bulaga’s Ms. Millennial 2019 Nicole Borromeo believes that it is not only through the glamour on the runway that a woman feels empowered but by having the confidence brought about by a beautiful hair.

“When I made the switch to Rejoice, I felt nga gwapa ko, maka lingi gud ang ubang tao. People are amazed when I say I use Rejoice for my hair. Humot kaayo ang triple action formula of Rejoice ug convenient pud in maintaining my healthy hair. With every wash, I get both conditioner and shampoo. The upgrade was worth it, I’m happy I made a switch! Humok kaayo ang akong buhok, and fresh kaayo ang feeling and any girls can experience it too,” Borromeo shared. 

Chelsea Fernandez who hails from Tacloban City and Miss Philippines Earth- Water 2019 is a loyal Rejoice user ever since so even if her hair gets different styling with different pageant activities, she only trust Rejoice 3 in 1. “My secret for a natural- looking, healthy and shiny and super bango is Rejoice 3n1 ever since talaga kay tungod nga mahamot, mahumok ngan healthy an ak buhok without going to the salon. That’s why I can say napa husay gud it pag gamit hin rejoice, diri na ak nagwo-worry even if ano pa it occasion or event. Iba talaga ang maging Rejoice girl, I feel mahusay all the time. Now it’s no longer a secret, because I have shared na what makes my hair beautiful!”

Another beauty queen from Iloilo also made a big switch when she discovered Rejoice 3 in 1,  Miss Universe Philippines 2020 finalist, Kim Crizaldo imparted her experience. Using Rejoice is one of the best decisions I made so far, iba guid talaga ang Rejoice kasi I no longer need much time to take good care of my hair, I just need 1 product and that’s it- I have a shampoo, conditioner and pa humot na. Plus, I don’t need to spend more money, all I need is just one product for a gwapa hair. And ano ba ang gwapa nga hair, diba yung always shiny, healthy, mahumok and mabango? And I can achieve all those na hindi masakit sa bulsa with Rejoice, that’s why for me simple lang maging shampoo girl, it’s as simple as 1, 2 ,3 with Rejoice 3 in 1” Crizaldo said in an interview.    

Be it on or off stage these 3 queens from Visayas have discovered the beautiful benefits of Rejoice 3 in 1 from pageantry to their daily life as they embody the latest regional campaign #RejoiceGirlGwapaKaDai. Together with Maymay Entrata, these three new shampoo girls — Borromeo, Fernandez and Crizaldo – will continue to share surprises that will surely excite every aspiring shampoo girl in Visayas in the coming months.

For more information and exciting news on #RejoiceGirlGwapaKaDai campaign you may visit Rejoice Philippines on the following channels:

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