Here’s What Really Happened Behind Nadine Lustre’s Viral Lechon Sauce Photo

Want to know what really happened with Nadine Lustre’s viral lechon sauce photo? After months of wondering what really happened in the photo, we are definitely getting our inner ‘Marites’ fix with this article.

In August of this year, Nadine Lustre was spotted at a store, buying lechone sauce. The photo became viral making netizens cop the same exact look during Halloween. In addition to the viral photo, memes were spreading across the wires as well when James Reid, Nadine’s ex-beau was seen with a lechon.

Photo from James Reid Instagram Account

In one of the programs of Boys Night Out, Nadine addressed what really happened in the photo. She said she just came home from a trip hungry and tired.

“It’s really really funny,” Nadine shared. “We went back home, and the only thing that we could get is the lechon manok…I bought lechon manok and then there was no sarsa. No sarsa, no suka, walang sawsawan yung lechon manok. So I was like, ‘Ay parang gusto ko ng Mang Tomas.’ Kulang yung lechon manok ‘pag walang Mang Tomas. Wala na ngang rice, wala pang sarsa ‘di ba?” 

The store, where Nadine was spotted buying the lechon sauce, was the closest one.

“I got Mang Tomas which is right beside the counter. So I got it, put it on the counter. And then this girl, I saw her already that she was taking a photo. But I was so freaking tired, I was like, ‘Oh okay, whatever.’ Kaya yung mukha ko ganun na lang.” 

Nadine saw the photo the next day and just shrugged it saying “I was like, oh yeah, cool.” However, Nadine had to clarify that she was not paid for the photo to promote the brand.

The original uploader of the viral photo told The Philippine Star that: “Nung pag-picture ko po tumingin lang sa’kin tapos balik po agad sa tinda po namin kasi sinuklian na siya. Sana lang po ‘wag magalit si Nadine po, na-shock lang po talaga ako.”

Photo from Nadine Lustre Instagram Account

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