1 Spots in Cebu IT Park

5 Must-Visit Places in Cebu IT Park

IT Park is the I.T. Capital of Cebu but to most Cebuanos, IT Park serves as one of the most vibrant landmarks in Cebu and hosts some of the best nighttime destinations in Cebu. When asking Cebuanos about nightlife, IT Park will always inevitably be part of the conversation.

Aside from being a hangout spot, IT Park is actually a focal point for I.T. companies and related services and hosts over 70 percent of Cebu’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Due to this, many Cebuanos actually depend on the growth of business in the park for them to keep their jobs.

The large concentration of working Cebuanos in IT Park is actually the biggest reason that there are many nighttime restaurants in the park since many of them get out after graveyard shifts.

Working or not, IT Park attracts many Cebuanos to its lively nights and is out to give everyone the time of their lives. Get your best outfit on and explore the top 5 destinations in I.T. Park:

1. Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado attracted many foodies during its opening last September 2015 and today, it still stands as the most popular weekend food market in the city.

With a variety of stalls serving different kinds of food, eating enthusiasts will surely have a blast exploring the many delicacies in the market. There are several stalls to satisfy everyone’s cravings from Filipino and Cebuano food to International cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and many more.

Sugbo Mercado is the one-stop shop for hungry stomachs and the best place to be during payday.

  • New normal opening hours: 3PM to 11PM, Wednesdays to Sundays
  • Exact location: Garden Bloc @ Cebu IT Park

2. Ambiance Bar

Ambiance Bar is definitely one of the places to go to for – you guessed it – the ambiance. It has such a vibrant atmosphere that draws every passerby to its lively lights and music.

It’s a chill hangout spot where friends can gather and have drinks together. It also has the perfect atmosphere for meeting new people and making new friends.

3. The Pyramid

One of the most head-turning features of The Pyramid is its awe-inspiring architecture. It has such a captivating appearance that just looks elegant at every angle.

More than just being a stunning beauty, it is actually a restaurant that serves various favorites such as pizza, pasta, salads, and drinks. The Pyramid is definitely the best place to take loved ones on a date with their luxurious vibes and fusion cuisine.

  • New normal opening hours: 3PM to 10:45PM daily
  • Exact location: Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City (near Sugbo Mercado)

4. Pipeline Bar & Grill

Pipeline Bar & Grill is the life of the night in I.T. Park. It’s a place for party enthusiasts to enjoy and unwind with a selection of various beverages.

Enjoy and drink the night away with your close friends while enjoying the lively atmosphere. For those who prefer having wholesome drinks, they also have non-alcoholic beverages that pair well with scrumptious appetizers.

Whether it’s drinking, partying, or having fun, Pipeline can definitely give it all.

  • New normal opening hours: 2PM to 11PM daily
  • Exact location: Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City (near Sugbo Mercado & The Pyramid)
Photo by Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy
Photo by Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy
Photo by Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy
Photo by Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy

5. Ayala Garden Bloc

Ayala Garden Bloc is home to many of the most famous I.T. Park destinations including the ones mentioned above.

Aside from serving as a host to various top-of-the-line restaurants and bars, the Garden Bloc is also an expansive garden enclave with a relaxing and energizing space not only for the office workers but for anyone looking for a place to take a break.

The verdant and charming gardens surrounding spread over the park is a great place to take someone for a date. After visiting the various restaurants and jumping from bar to bar, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a leisurely walk on the stone footpaths.

  • New normal opening hours: 10AM to 9PM daily
  • Exact location: Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City (across Sugbo Mercado)


Exact location: Cebu I.T. Park, Lahug, Cebu City — 15-20 minutes away from Ayala Center Cebu, 30-45 minutes away from SM City Cebu.

BY TAXI/BUS: If you’re already in Cebu City, just hail a taxi cab or ride a bus that’s going to IT park. IT Park is quite big and easy to get lost in so it would be best to know your destination before going out.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “I.T. Park” in Cebu City. Multiple parking spaces are available within the park.

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