Montpeller Falls: Elegantly Tall Waterfalls in Alegria

Who would have thought that despite it displaying a tall vertical drop, this waterfall in Alegria remains hidden from the eyes of many tourists seeking refreshment now that summer heat starts to kick in?

Montpeller Falls in Brgy. Guadalupe Alegria is a sight to behold. It’s a waterfall with a thin water flowing from a limestone that creates an estimated 100-ft drop to a boulder in the pool of cold and refreshing emerald water. It’s tall and is definitely a good spot for your next waterfalls gaming.

Photo by Tenten Cabrera
Photo by Tenten Cabrera
Photo by Tenten Cabrera
Photo by Ballirym

Montpellar Trek

The residents find this waterfall an easy trek as compared to the other more famous waterfalls in the area. From the jump off point, you will have to trek for around 15 minutes passing through a rich showcase of green foliage. Along the way, you will pass by different houses so if you feel like you’re lost, a quick chat with the friendly residents can be helpful, not to mention that there are also children who would gladly take you to the foot of the falls.

Hiking through what seems to be a mini jungle makes the journey more exciting and memorable. You don’t really need an expensive staycation to pamper yourself. A walk under tall trees with nothing but birds chirping from above is just pure bliss. It’s a perfect way to detach from city noise and just be immersed in a therapeutic nature experience.

Phtoo by @rarahahaha via Instagram
Photo by Aiza Toraja
Photo by Aiza Toraja
Photo by Aiza Toraja

You will also be treated with a view of the sea and the towns from afar as you traverse the trail. If the weather is fine, the neighboring island of Negros Oriental is also visible from several clearings along the path. You will realize you’re near when you can already hear the gushing of the water as it crashes against the large boulder.

The trek is worth it when you start to dip yourself in the pool at its foot brimming with cold water. Just be careful though before you take a plunge and do acrobatic dives because some parts can be rocky and shallow. Here, nature will treat you and your tired soul with luxurious ambiance. The falls is virtually untouched.

Photo by Alyssa Maraña
Photo by Alyssa Maraña
Photo by Alyssa Maraña
Photo by Alyssa Maraña

Despite it being a paradise of its own, only few have come to experience the wonders of Montpeller Falls.  It’s definitely an off the beaten track so you are guaranteed that we you go there especially early in the morning, you will have the fall all for yourself – such a good way to start the day by falling in love with the falls.

There are no facilities or establishments around or near the area yet so you will have to bring your water and snacks when you go there. Everyone is advised to strictly observe social distancing. While the entrance to this haven is free which makes it more enticing, still, let us not forget to be responsible in bringing our trash with us when leaving the place.



  • Entrance Fee: None
  • Guide fee: None (you can just ask the locals to point you to the starting trail)
  • Facebook Page: N/A


Exact location: Barangay Guadalupe, Alegria, Southern Cebu — approx. 4 hours away from Cebu City.

BY COMMUTE: Take a bus or vhire from Cebu South Bus Terminal passing by the municipality of Alegria. Once you’re in the town proper, you can ride a habal-habal on your way up to the start of the trail.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Montpellier Waterfall” in Alegria. Keep an eye out for a bamboo hut with a painted sign on the edge of the cliff. This will be the spot to park your car or motorbike. Ask the locals around where the starting point of the trail is.

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