Soon to rise: 126-hectare Mandaue Harbor City

Mandaue Harbor City, the newest reclamation project is soon to rise as D.M. Wenceslao & Associates Incorporated is looking to a 126-hectare of soil for a reclamation of their latest project, Mandaue Harbor City.

In this infrastructure construction, the Mandaue Harbor City’s goal is to enhance the ‘economic’ and ‘commercial activities’ along the north coast of Cebu. What makes this interesting is that the developers behind this project are aiming to be a highly diversified and environmental-friendly neighborhood!

Photo from (D.M Wenceslao and Associates Inc. flagship development –Aseana City. | Artist’s Perspective)

It will feature various outdoor activities and expansive spaces to be more engaging towards visitors while maintaining the safety protocols.

The entire project is said to be inspired from Aseana City in Metro Manila, where it will enhance the retail, trade, and merchandising sectors in a more sustainable, and productive Cebu.

This also means that the sidewalks are wider, more secure from crime activities, and stable to stand against harsh weather conditions; and of course, could help decongest the traffic of Mandaue. 

Mandaue Harbor City will also cater towards having office buildings, dining, retail, fitness, and supermarkets! This will make Mandaue a more commercialized site towards its residents, business owners, and tourists.

The future of Mandaue City is looking bright, my friends! This might be another turning point towards prosperity in Cebu – with the right amount of resources and planning; this could be a milestone for Mandaue City.

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