Soon to rise: P1-Billion ‘Mahi by AppleOne’ in Mactan

Hello, fellow readers! Today’s article is brought to you by in partnership with Cebu-based development company: AppleOne Properties Inc. 

Okay, fine this isn’t sponsored – this is, however, about AppleOne Properties – specifically, their latest project in Cebu; MAHI. The company is said to have allocated around P1 billion for the construction.

Mahi is your IT Hub center and Cebu’s lifestyle destination that stands to have a five-story building and a property that stretches about 7,500 square meters lot in M.L. Quezon Avenue in Mactan Lapu-Lapu. The establishment will have its own dedicated spaces for different kinds of businesses.

Photo from AppleOne Properties, Inc. Official Facebook page
Photo from SkyScraperCity-Cebu Facebook Page
Photo from SkyScraperCity-Cebu Facebook Page

Retail and commercial spaces

Kick back and enjoy a week or two of leisure in Miha’s Marriott’s Fairfield Inn & Suites, with 12 floors, 180 rooms available to accommodate guests, and a hotel crew ready to accommodate you and your needs, 24/7.

There are commercial & retail spaces that will allocate 41% of the business space and revenue as well, which offers various favorite retail outlets and stores centers opened for guests and business owners to ensure your insatiable shopaholic addiction is to be catered for!

It will also have amenities such as fine-dining restaurants, and a rooftop bar – because nothing says “I have class” like being in a rooftop bar. Apparently.

Premier Businesses

The building will be a five-story office building within Mahi’s vicinity, where it will primarily be focused on the IT business.

The office environment is designed to look professional and vibrant, where each floor has glass windows that overlook the area and maybe even get a glimpse of Mactan. 

Common utilities and facilities

29% of the development is directed towards the common utilities; such as water, drainage/sewer system, sanitation, and electricity. Logistics that focus on these utilities help a long way in the up-keep and operation of the site.

This project could be beneficial for businesses and even attract tourists in the future.

Photo from SkyScraperCity-Cebu Facebook Page
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