Mahayahay Beach Resort: A Private Getaway in Medellin

“Mahayahay”, the Cebuano term for relaxing, is what getaways are all about. Being one with your surroundings and having time for yourself is always the ultimate goal of vacations.

In the northwest side of Cebu is a resort that bears the same name, Mahayahay Beach Resort. It is a hidden paradise that offers one of the most relaxing experiences with a private property that is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city and possesses stunning seaside views.

Mahayahay Beach Resort is a privately owned beach house that offers their facilities to couples or small families who want to take a day or two away from any sort of stress.

One thing that sets this beach resort apart from the others is the privacy and security. Guests won’t have to worry about other strangers because reservation allows the guests to have exclusive use of the resort.

Their vast lawn garden is the perfect place to frolic around without being judged or stared at by anyone. Couples have the freedom of staying inside the native hut villas and just laze the day away or they can splash around in the pristine waters at the beachfront.

Nestled in between two holiday islands, Mahayahay Beach Resort is in a strategic location with both Malapascua and Bantayan Islands just less than an hour away from the property. Off to the north and in full view from the resort is another tourist destination, the island of Gibitnil, or locally known as Funny Island.

Moreover, the town of Medellin also has its own attractions such as ziplines and eco-parks that are just less than an hour’s drive away from Mahayahay Beach Resort. Clearly, there are quite a number of places to explore during the stay so boredom really isn’t an option.

Just staying within the confines of the property isn’t a bad option as well. The resort is fully equipped with facilities and necessities such as kitchens, refrigerators, and grilling stations in their main house.

Guests may use the kitchen to cook their own food or they may ask the house caretaker to whip up something for them for a small fee. Entertainment units such as TV and Stereo are all at the guests’ disposal during their stay.

With everything provided for the guests, Mahayahay Beach Resort is basically a home away from home but with a slightly better view and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Whether it’s lazing around inside the resort or exploring nearby attractions, Mahayahay Beach Resort is surely the best fix for stressful days.



  • P4,000 per night, up to a maximum of 4 guests
  • P500 per night for every additional guest
  • Children under 12 year old are free
  • Includes: Air Conditioning, En Suite Bathroom, 2 single beds, Use of Main House

NOTE: No Day Use Bookings


  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Gas Barbecue
  • TV and DVD Player
  • Small Library
  • Lounge Area



Exact location: Brgy. Kawit, Medellin, Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from Cebu City; 30 minutes from Maya Port, gateway to Malapascua

BY BUS: Find your way to Cebu North Bus Terminal. From the terminal, take a bus going to Maya or Daanbantayan VIA KAWIT and just ask the bus driver to drop you off at Mahayahay Beach just outside Kawit village. The trip takes approximately 4 hours and costs around P150 – P200.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Mahayahay Beach Resort” in Kawit, Medellin. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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