2021 Guide: List of Accredited Resorts & Stays in Cebu Province

Like our economy and tourism sector, we all need to move on and move forward with the new normal while also making sure we observe the minimum health standards.

There are so many destinations to visit in Cebu with hundreds of resorts and accommodations that have re-opened to welcome local travelers.

With this, we’ve compiled the accredited resorts and stays in Cebu Province with Certificate of Compliance (COC) to operate under the new normal.

This is important as this certificate ensures that the resort or stay has undergone trainings and complied with the new safety and health protocols set by the local authorities.

Travel Requirements:

The Cebu Provincial Government has eased the travel requirements, but they advise travelers to secure a prior appointment or booking confirmed from the desired resort or travel destination.

It’s also important to observe the minimum health requirements such as:

  • Must always wear face mask & face shield
  • Must always observe social distancing

There’s also no age limit in Cebu Province areas. Note, the Cebu Province only covers the towns and municipalities in Cebu outside Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City.

If you’re from outside Cebu and wish to travel, a negative swab test and other travel documents are no longer needed in Cebu Province, Mandaue City, and Lapu-Lapu City.

South Bus Schedule:

Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) is located along N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City, near Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall).

North Bus Schedule

The new North Bus Terminal is located at the open parking lot of SM City Cebu in Cebu City — beside the MyBus station, right across Bayfront Hotel.

Accredited Stays in Cebu Province:

City/ TownName of EstablishmentContact No.Landline
AlcoyAntig Tingko Beach Resort9776192013483-9298
AlcoyCaroline Ville Pool Garden  
AlcoyCartagena Beachwalk Resort9173037714483-9057
AlcoyCoastal Rock Resort  
AlcoyEdward’s Place Pension  
AlcoyLarville Pool Garden Resort & Restaurant  
AlcoyLionarch Resort  
AlcoyManawa Beach Resort  
AlcoyNaguene Korean Restaurant  
AlcoyOcean Tribes Resort  
AlcoyParrot Paradise Resort 483-9119
AlcoyPlaya Del Sur Beach Resort  
AlcoyRj Delos Santos Beach Resort0932-430-8486 
AlcoySiloy Lodging House  
AlcoyEl Paradiso Resort0998-269-0232483-9065
AlcoySonia Lodging House  
AlcoyVoda Krasna Beach Resort9176238681483-9063
AloguinsanCurbada Dela Maria9175002134 
ArgaoAcasia Pension House & Apartment  
ArgaoArgao Bay Eco Park Resort And Hotel9561094254324-4075
ArgaoBaluarte De Argao Beac Resort9071885334367-7184
ArgaoBamboo Paradise Resort9273082640415-7647
ArgaoCasa De Argao9982035055 
ArgaoIsabella Sea Breeze Hotel & Spa9420386110485-5114
ArgaoLa Erma Pension House9499686448486-8870
ArgaoLooc Garden Resort 495-9516
ArgaoVarlina’s Home9157914519none
AsturiasJ&C Asturias Beach Resort & Restaurant0939-9304580(032) 316-3993
BadianBadian Island Wellness Resort0927-007-3888 
BadianEskapo Verde0939-316-5551 
BadianLambug Homestay Services0916-763-0044 
BadianWorld Big 4 Enterprises  
BalambanWest 35 ECO Adventure Park  
BalambanM-Rez Travel Inn9209043725 
BalambanSailor’s Cabin9987578737 
BalambanCamp Willy/CW Home Rental9173255778 
BalambanCosta Roca Resort Club9333639773 
BalambanTreehouse De Valentine  
BantayanBantayan Island Natue Park & Resort  
BariliAC Tilapiahan Fun Fishing9174295465None
BariliAnahaw Beach resort9165404055None
BariliBluespace Resort9967466212None
BariliMantayupan Paraiso Lodge 9171500650None
BariliSayaw Beach resort9177132223None
BoljoonCebu Club Fort Med, Inc.9328567880482-9050
BoljoonDive Spot Boljoon Inc  
BoljoonJaynet Ocean View Resort9194656885 
Carcar CityBlue Ridges Mountain Resort917316960 
Carcar CityCarcar Eco Farm Resort  
Carcar CityTatope Travel Lodge97777719124878945
CarmenCebu Safari & Adventure Park0917- 839- 1739(032) 344-1095
CarmenMarick Beach Resort0905- 547-0939N/A
CatmonFelicity Beach Resort0956- 580 -912N./A
CatmonGrotto @ Km490917- 632- 2122N/A
CompostelaCompostela Boardwalk Resort And Recreation Center0917-301-3171(032) 505-5193
CompostelaEstaca Bay Garden & Conference Resort0995- 615- 2063(032) 425-8062
CordovaCasa Rugina Function Hall and Resort0956-839-1920888-9356
CordovaCordova Home Village0942-296-5877 
CordovaSolea Mactan Resort0998-586-3640517-8889
CordovaSolea Seaview Resort0998-586-3641517-8890
CordovaVilla Asela A Garden Resort0923-639-8942 ; 09150437866260-19998
DaanbantayanA&E Beach Resort09173201684/09062909922 
DaanbantayanAabana Beach Resort9175244105/091787547362543913/3182978
DaanbantayanAngelina Beach Resort9770914930 
DaanbantayanArriyus Apartelle9175213640 
DaanbantayanAvila’s Resort & Restaurant9566431048 
DaanbantayanBlanco Beach Resort9155369679 
DaanbantayanBuena Vida Resort & Spa9177779807 
DaanbantayanC.A.F. Malapascua Diva Inn9456905640 
DaanbantayanCocobana Resorts9173059293/09173280029 
DaanbantayanD&N Lodging House9177744414(032) 437-996
DaanbantayanDe Payag Inland Resort91766242984378399
DaanbantayanEvolution Dive Resort9176287333 
DaanbantayanExotic Island Dive Resort – Accommodation9173070150 
DaanbantayanGolden Sands Destination Resort91756704009672405844
DaanbantayanHiltey’s Hide-Out Homes Cottages9778025728 
DaanbantayanHippocampus Beach Resort9176340716 
DaanbantayanInday Liza 88 Beach Resort96161812984378507
DaanbantayanJohan Resort9284781262 
DaanbantayanKokay’s Maldito Beach Resort – Rooms9159078269 
DaanbantayanLittle Mermaid Dive Resort9178163874 
DaanbantayanLittle Mermaid Restaurant9178163874 
DaanbantayanMalapascua Budget Inn97532876399177136611
DaanbantayanMalapascua Garden Resort  
DaanbantayanMalapascua Starlight Resort91631704883186484
DaanbantayanMalapatel Resort9171557522 
DaanbantayanMargie Cottages Rental9778025728 
DaanbantayanOcean Vida Beach Resort9177779807 
DaanbantayanOcean Vida Beach Resort9177779807 
DaanbantayanPerry Virgin Beach Resort97782294189173078341
DaanbantayanSampero Rock Beach Resort9272416143(032) 437-8319
DaanbantayanThresher Shack Inn9173213836 
DalagueteBejarasco’s Cottages And Resort  
DalagueteBlue Pot Family Resort93992303854844-088
DalagueteCanoy’s Canyon Apartelle  
DalagueteCarlita’s View Beach Resort  
DalagueteCocina Calza Shores Resort  
DalagueteDenrey’s Resort  
DalagueteEnchanted Mountain Resort  
DalagueteKellock Seaview Apartelle  
DalagueteOcean Bay Beach Resort  
DalagueteRockwalled Pension House  
DalagueteSeaview Mansion Dalaguete Apartelle  
DalagueteTimmi’s Beach House  
Danao CityDanao Coco Palms Resort Inc.0917- 5904144(032) 344- 6354
Danao CityDanasan Eco Adventure Park0917-301-3171(032) 505-5193
Danao CityEl Salvador Beach Resort0916- 605-8070(032) 516-2252
Danao CitySunshine Shin Beach Resort0917-150-246(032) 516- 9018
DumanjugJohann’s Lodging House0917-710-0276 
LiloanBigblue Waters Resort0916- 551- 0819/0921-661-1219N/A
LiloanIbabaw Mountain Resort  
LiloanLittle Santorini Mountain Resort0917- 728- 9445(032) 406- 0568
LiloanPangeas Beach Resort0917-322-1123N/A
LiloanPapa Kits Marina & Fishing Lagoon0995- 615- 2063(032) 505-4595
MedellinEileen Beach Resort9159621097436-0917
MedellinJuco Beach Resort  
MedellinKa’ Seno Beach Resort9173062442 
MedellinKiwi’s Hidden Resort999832156439-2824/ 344-5970
MedellinSTIM Resort9399032521(032)4362091
MedellinWoody’s Beach Resort9176282020 
MedellinVilla Edar Beach Resort9954341267 
MinglanillaTubod Flowing Resort9959619821 
MinglanillaRuvi Cave Resort99529784324903321
MinglanillaVilla Rammelyn Garden and Resort 490-0838
MinglanillaCirca La Playa Resort9223142644 
MinglanillaMingla Rooms9177188072 
MoalboalAdams View Hotel0935-268-0326474004
MoalboalAstillo Guests House0920-549-0590 
MoalboalBasdiot Hill Cottages0915-845-8301 
MoalboalBerni’s Hostel0908-721-8382 
MoalboalBlue Abyss Diveshop0915-651-3088 
MoalboalBlue Abyss Resort0923-446-1430 
MoalboalCebu Neptune Diving Adventure0927-217-3939 
MoalboalChief Mau Beach Life Cottages0917-709-9917 
MoalboalEmoks Guesthouse0923-404-0575 
MoalboalFour A’s Resort0909-809-9767/0961-185-8299 
MoalboalHale Mana Coastal Garden0917-654-3018 
MoalboalHappy Bear Villa Moalboal0933-581-8536 
MoalboalIndino Guesthouse0928-891-6060 
MoalboalJas Beach Resort0909-809-9767/ 0961-185-8299 
MoalboalKasai Village Resort0917-622-0257 
MoalboalKojie Guest House0939-973-3420 
MoalboalMoalboal Eco Lodge0927-271-6073 
MoalboalMoho Moalboal Hostel0905-526-7229 
MoalboalNew Eve’s Kiosk Dive Resort0917-189-9144 
MoalboalOltre Property Ventures Inc. Beyond Island0917-316-5407/ 0927-007-8054 
MoalboalPacitas Beach Resort0918-645-8402 
MoalboalPanagsama Dive Resort Inc.0917-519-4050/ 474 3068 
MoalboalPescadores Seaview Suites474-2123 
MoalboalTuble Breeze Coastal Resort0917-320-2738 
Naga CityHotel Dulceè9176263128 
Naga CityJ & V Libor Resort 239-6893
OslobL&M Heartstones Lodge9228776738 
OslobPedz Cing Mango Lodge9171566161 
OslobSascha’s Lodging House  
OslobThe Lighthouse Beach Resort  
OslobBiggie’s Inn  
OslobCloud And Xky Beach Resort  
OslobCasa Bonita Inn Ii/Accommodation  
OslobAnglers Hub And Resort  
OslobLa Fela Pension House  
OslobGiswold Beach Resort  
OslobBluewater Sumilon  
OslobGuilly’s Place  
OslobMalonzo Pension House  
OslobStay And S. Resort  
OslobDown South 118 Beach Resort  
OslobBangcogon Resort And Restaurant  
OslobAloha Lodging House  
OslobBcd’s Place  
OslobErmi Beach Resort  
OslobSunrise 888  
OslobLagnason’s Place  
OslobGing-Ging Hotel & Resort  
OslobMelronz Inn  
OslobTum’s Resort  
OslobIslet View Pension House  
OslobSeafari Resort Oslob  
OslobBabylon Oslob Coast Guesthouse  
Oslob489 Seaside Inn  
OslobLuna Oslob Travellers Inn  
OslobRNS Travellers Inn  
OslobGravino Tourist Inn  
OslobB’S Inn  
OslobSusada’s Inn  
OslobSeaScape Beach Resort  
OslobAnemona Beach House  
OslobCastroverde’s Room Rental  
OslobVangie Homestay  
OslobOville Lodging House  
OslobOcean View Loddge  
OslobJRM Traveller’s Inn  
OslobVilla Agatona Beach Resort  
OslobOslob WhaleShark Resort Inc.  
OslobMila’s Inn  
OslobIssa’s Heaven9398104022 
PinamungajanHidden Valley Mountain Resort9213266054none
PinamungajanHidden valley Integrated Organic Farm9222236791none
PinamungajanHidden Valley Wave Pool9474834880none
PinamungajanHidden Valley Beach Resort93078331234688025
PinamungajanMontery farm9474834880none
RondaCastillo’s Lodge0926-220-0538 
RondaLes Maisons D’itac Corp.0917-624-5774 
RondaTanyon Bay Beach House0936-623-7852513-3241
RondaThe Seaplane0948-518-9822 
RondaVillagonzalo Travellers Inn0927-365-3301472-0039
SamboanSeaside Travel Lodge  
SamboanNena Rooms  
SamboanChelan Beach Resort9158950567 
SamboanGorion Beach Resort9229274645 
SamboanVilla Isabela Beach9295505704 
SamboanMilken Aguinid Homestay9175464524 
SamboanAranas Beach Resort  
SamboanGolden Rock Coral Garden  
SamboanRock-ton Beach House9154584524 
SamboanGamallo Beach & Homestay9334303820 
SamboanNellas Beach House9331995170 
SamboanOur Placec/o Tita Bayate 
SamboanPort Avenue  
SamboanCDM Beach House  
SamboanBanaba Tree House  
SamboanRonjen Rainbow Apartelle9324194188 
SamboanLaima Rooms  
SamboanJRM Traveller’s Inn  
San FranciscoSantiago Bay Garden and Resort  
San FranciscoMangdlong Rock Resort  
San FranciscoMangodlong Paradise Beach Resort  
San RemigioLa Mer Beach Resort9175788340(032) 354-6620
San RemigioOrongan Beach Resort9495035862 
San RemigioSan Remigio Beach Club93646980285160630
San RemigioLingay Beach Resort9171840746 
San RemigioSan Remigio Cultural Center & Leisure9176328107(032) 435-8032
San RemigioJjs Hotel & Resort9473408419505-8786
San RemigioStefan Beach Resort9269230162 
San RemigioPofer Beach Resort9452496419none
San RemigioHalfmoon Beach Resort92627046129561793505
San RemigioMaayo San Remigio  
San RemigioHagnaya Beach Resort91762303773245298
Santa FeAmanecer Beach Resort9129303523 
Santa FeAmihan Seaside Inn9326006788 
Santa FeAnika Island Resort9173284898 
Santa FeBalikbayan Guest House9994711801 
Santa FeBeach Placid9177222993 
Santa FeHoyohoy Villas Resort9950114352 
Santa FeHRJ Hotel9502996617 
Santa FeJuan Villacarlos Development & Management Corp.9918691857 
Santa FeKRJ Tourist INN9255055231 
Santa FeYooneek Beach Resort9393919078 
Santa FeAmihan Beach Cabanas Corp.9432509796 
Santa FeCasa Medici9173051655 
Santa FeCou Cou Lodge9192313865 
Santa FeJelly’s Haven Resort9950233375 
Santa FeKandugyap House By The Sea9335075048 
Santa FeKota Beach Resort9562764410 
Santa FeLa Playa Estrella9778377128 
Santa FeMarlin’s Beach Resort9324389093 
Santa FeN&F Guest House 437-9062
Santa FeSanta Fe Beach Club9325412924 
Santa FeThe Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas & Suites Inc.9173128243 
Santa FeVilla Codinera9663563036 
Santa FeOgtong Caves Resort9234336282438-9129
Santa FeD Victorian Room Rental  
Santa FeMicky Vacay Rentals Inc.9171045808 
Santa FePayag ni JK9432428314 
Santa FeMayet Beach Resort9296935190 
Santa FeSyke Travel and Tours9206219008 
Santa FeLa Briana Guest House9235813581 
Santa FeArnold’s Hotel9662314900 
SantanderSantander Pebbles Beach Resort9272081621480-9005
SantanderTropara Resort9285591488480-9034
SantanderTalisay Beach Resort Inc.9425510630480-9038
SantanderCebu Garden Of Eden Resort Inc.9162113551480-9321
SantanderDodz Apartelle And Event9189623301 
SantanderSantander Beach House9994249323 
SantanderRnL Transient Inn  
SogodCebu North Coast Beach Resort0915 – 0688-552(032) 262- 0476
Talisay CityAqua Cainta Resort 273-7159
Talisay CityTeresita Santos Resort 2730151
TuburanFormosa Camp Resort9989955166 
TuburanVidar Family Resort9228755781 

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