Lilang’s Payag: Relaxing Natural Views and Comfort Food in Liloan

Picnics, albeit simple, are one of the most relaxing activities that can be done with the family.

Outdoor excursions like this always bring the family closer together especially when surrounded by verdant natural surroundings that encourage wholesome conversations.

Lilang’s Payag is an outdoor eatery that provides the relaxing ambiance and natural views that’s perfect for an outdoor picnic on a bright sunny day. It has a couple of wooden benches where families can gather and feast on their hearty meals.

Photo by Carl Capao & Judel Avinido

Lilang’s Payag is named after the owner’s grandmother and truly, the food they serve are imbued with the same love and care that a grandmother gives her grandchildren. The simple aesthetic of the place also gives a very welcoming feeling to every group and family that comes to enjoy their food and the surroundings.

Photo by Carl Capao & Judel Avinido
Photo by Carl Capao & Judel Avinido

The main specialty of the payag are their saucy rice bowl meals served warm and with love. The mouth- watering flavors of their sauces will make the senses explode as they melt in the mouth. The native flavors also pair perfectly with the rustic views of coconut trees and other flora.

Photo by @taaamseee

Lilang’s Payag will undoubtedly bring families closer together with their lovely and affordable meals that pair perfectly with relaxing outdoor views.





Exact location: San Roque, Liloan – right at the entrance of Liloan Golf Course, approx. 1 hour away from Cebu City.

BY TAXI/GRAB: Hail a taxi or book with the Grab App. The eatery is just an hour’s drive away from the airport and can easily be spotted. Just tell the taxi to drop you off at the entrance of Liloan Golf Course. If the taxi driver doesn’t know the location, you can assist him with Waze or Google Maps.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Lilangs Payag” in Liloan. Parking space is available.

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