The perfect sunset spot: Lantaw De Samboan in Cebu

Planning your next round south trip? Looking for something new at Samboan? Instead of chasing waterfalls, take to the mountains! Fresh air, a refreshing breeze, mountain view, and beautiful sunsets – Lantaw De Samboan has them all!

Lantaw De Samboan is an installment that gives guests a wonderful panorama of the mountains around Samboan and Tañon Strait, the body of water between Negros and Cebu. The place is cozy, relaxing, and the views are absolutely awe-inspiring.

Photo by Chweny Areja
Photo by Chweny Areja
Photo by Chweny Areja
Photo by Chweny Areja

The facilities are privately owned, but for a meager entrance free, you’ll be given access to a grand view.

The highlight of the place is definitely the majestic vista – just looking at around the premises already drains the stresses away! The relaxation doesn’t stop there, but continues as the cool mountain air fills your lungs and the smells of trees and dew drift by. Of course, guests are also allowed to set up their own food trip with snacks and drinks, just make sure to dispose of waste properly!

Photo from Lantaw De Samboan Facebook Page
Photo from Lantaw De Samboan Facebook Page

Lantaw De Samboan is also strategically located, strategic for sunsets that is! The viewing area has a direct – clear, straight, unobstructed – line of sight of the setting sun, really only ever getting blocked by clouds. You get to enjoy the bold colors of the sunset without trees, mountains, or skyscrapers blocking your vision! Now that’s something you won’t find so easily in the big city.   

If you’ve found this place attractive and want to spend more time in the mountains (honestly, who wouldn’t?), you can spend a night in their colorful teepee-inspired rooms. You get to sleep in the cold mountain air and wake up to fog, a lazy sunrise, and warm refreshments. Now that’s a way to spend a weekend.

Photo from Lantaw De Samboan Facebook Page
Photo from Lantaw De Samboan Facebook Page
Photo by Chweny Areja



  • Entrance fee: ₱20 per head
  • Open hours: 6AM to 6PM


  • ₱1,500 per night, good for 2 persons



Exact location on Google maps: Bulangsuran, Samboan, Southern Cebu – 3 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City

BY BUS/COMMUTE: From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus headed to Samboan. The ride will take around 4 hours, and fare is normally ₱190 to ₱200 per person (₱375 to ₱400 during community quarantine). Drop off at “Samboan munisipyo” or “boluntaryo sa Samboan” and then hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) to bring you to Lantaw de Samboan. Fare is around ₱100.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “9.5209, 123.3446” in Samboan, Cebu. (the YouTube video under references has more specific directions in first person)

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