Lambug Beach Resort: Easy Beachfront Access in Badian

There’s no denying that Lambug Beach is a spot in the south that continues to capture the hearts of many with its fine white sand shores and clear waters. Lambug Beach Resort is a budget-friendly accommodation that allows you to experience a memorable weekend stay in this popular beach destination in Badian, Cebu.

Lambug Beach Resort gives its guests comfortable stay in the heart of the top-pick beach in the Badian. Their accommodation has the necessities you’ll need for a sound sleep but don’t expect that it’ll be grand like that of the hotels and expensive beachfront stays. But even so, you can still enjoy your stay here knowing that you will be sleeping to the sound of the waves and will be feeling the pure breeze of the wind straight from the sea.

Photo by Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy
Photo by Zen Englatera

This resort also offers everyone a direct access to their wide beachfront area.  The wide stretch of beach in Lambug is known for its white sand and azure waters. Being able to book a night here guarantees that you’ll have enough space for whatever activity that you can think of. You can go volleyball since the place also allows rental of their volleyball game equipment.

The trees that surround this resort make the place a truly tropical spot in the south. Aside from the abundant refreshing feels, the resort has served as a spot for family get-togethers. You will be immersed to an ambiance filled with laughter and just good vibes.

Photo by Zen Englatera
Photo by Felix Geruenne Demotor
Photo by Char Charmed
Photo from Lambug Beach Resort Facebook Page

And yes, don’t forget to put on your swimming suits and trunks and strike a pose. Because the place is blessed with nature’s generosity, you will not have a hard time looking for a place for your pictures.

Setting up a camping tent is a common practice in the area. Instead of booking a room, others prefer spending the night in a tent together with friends. Chilling by the beachside with them and getting into a meaningful conversation, with your favorite ice-cold beer, are just few of the things that make an overnight stay at Lambug Beach Resort meaningful.

Of course, if you wish to just spend the entire night sleeping while listening to the sound of the waves is in your discretion. A swim to the calmer sea early in the morning after a sound sleep is a perfect way to jumpstart your day too.

Photo by Alyssa Maraña
Photo by Alyssa Maraña
Photo by Alyssa Maraña

Aside from swimming, there are many activities and excursions possible around Lambug Beach. You can do snorkeling in the area and discover colorful corals and the underwater teeming with rich marine life. They say it’s a dream beach for all nature enthusiasts and indeed, the place continues to meet that expectations.



  • Entrance fee: P45/person
  • Opening hours: 6AM – 5PM


  • Good for 10 persons: P1,000
  • Good for 15 persons: P1,800


  • Good for 2 persons: P2,000
  • Good for 6 persons: P2,500



Exact location: Lambug, Badian, Southern Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus going to Badian. You may ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Badian Complex. From there, you may ride habal-habal or tricycles on your way to Lambug Beach Resort.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Lambug Beach Resort” in Badian. Parking space is available.

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