Lagnason’s Place Resort: A Charming Getaway in Oslob

Lagnason Place Resort is nothing but charming and just inviting. Its colorful exteriors that play around with the lush gardens and verdant backgrounds are very appealing to look at.

The playful colors and jolly designs present in the entirety of the resort makes the heart jump with joy, as if telling every guest that enters that it’s going to be a fun and worthwhile vacation. The whole vibe emanating from the resort just gives the guests that vacay energy while the majestic natural backgrounds and seaside views balances it with their relaxing ambiance.

Even just at first glance, it can be said with confidence that Lagnason’s Place Resort was built with its guests in mind. The atmosphere, the lovely gardens, and the fully-equipped facilities were all designed to prioritize the comfort of its guests.

Guests may either stay solo, or they may come with friends or loved ones, and the resort would still be able to provide an optimized experience for every guest staying in.

Spacious, well-maintained, and spotless – Lagnason’s Place Resort is regularly maintained by its staff and owners so nothing gets in the way of a relaxing day for the guests.

Big groups may frolic on the green of the lawns or on the outskirts of the pool after taking a refreshing dip. There’s also a karaoke by the dining area for groups to break out in different notes.

If guests came solo, then they have the space to ruminate and de-stress at the charming cottages, or also take a swim at the pool – solo swims are refreshing for the body and the mind as well. The venue also features a patio, barbecue, and a communal kitchen that everyone will enjoy.

And lastly, but definitely not the least, the rooms of the resort provide the same inviting atmosphere as the outside. “Simplicity is beauty” vibes dominate the majority of the rooms accompanied by air conditioning, comfort rooms, showers, and comfortable beds. Guests will be sleeping like a baby at the end of their day.

Lagnason’s Place Resort is definitely a special place for every guest that visits.


Day Use:

  • Entrance fee: P100 per head
  • 9AM to 3PM for Day Use only

Room Rates:

  • P1,200 per night, good for 2 persons
  • P1,600 per night, good for 4 persons
  • P2,000 per night, good for 6 persons
  • P4,000 per night, good for 11 persons



Exact location: Lagunde, Oslob, Southern Cebu — approx. 3.5 hours away from Cebu City.

BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal at SM City Cebu’s open parking area, ride a Ceres bus going to Bato – Oslob. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Lagunde Sports Complex in Brgy. Lagunde. Bus fare is approximately P160/head.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Lagnason’s Place Resort” in Oslob. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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