La Valle: Sogod’s Stress-Relieving Nipa Hut

Staycations are all about separating yourself from the stress and enjoying the moment. In La Valle, there’s nothing to do but relax and immerse yourself in nature.

La Valle is a vacation house in the middle of nowhere with picturesque views of mountains and a very relaxing probinsya experience. The general atmosphere of the place gives off both a modern and rustic vibe with the combination of native and industrial designs with the nipa house covered with a roof made of galvanized iron.

On the outside is an infinity pool boasting a stunning view of the verdant background where barkadas can just chill while taking a dip or just enjoy the scenery in the poolside lounge area. There’s nothing better than beating the heat of the sun while enjoying the tranquility of nature.

After a refreshing swim, everybody can proceed to enjoy their food in the company of their loved ones under the large tent just by the side of the pool.

Inside the large nipa hut structure is a space for zen with minimalist interiors. The tropical interior with a hint of industrial design completes the eccentric look of the room that compliments the serene views of Sogod. It’s the best place to laze around and just enjoy the breeze of the mountain.

Beside the room is the kitchen with the same tropical vibe and a complete set of cooking equipment that will give the resident chef some peace of mind.

La Valle offers one of the most relaxing and unforgettable staycations to its guests with facilities that won’t make people feel guilty for being lazy for a day or two.



  • Staycation: P5,000 per night, good for 6 adults and 4 children,
  • Extra Adult: P500 per adult, up to 4 additional adults
  • Extra Children (below 12 y.o.): P250 per child, up to 2 additional children



Exact location: Pansoy, Sogod, Northern Cebu — approximately 2 hours away from Cebu City.

BY CAR: Before driving to the resort, contact and inform them of your reserved date as they will be the ones guiding you to the resort.

On the day of travel, navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sogod Municipal Hall”. From there, take the first left turn and just head straight until you meet the resort guide by the intersection who will take you to the resort. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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