Kampitlok Peak in Bogo City: A Peek on the Peak

Even before the pandemic, hiking to mountains and peaks became a new social hobby to many. If you happen to be one of those highland enthusiasts, then Kampitlok Peak in Sitio Kampitlok, Barangay Binabag, Bogo City should be added to your checklist. 

The good thing about visiting this peak, it does not require camping gear for a campsite due to its distance, nor a required hiking outfit—unless, of course, you want to make a huge fuss about #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). The accessibility of the peak to its tourist opened an opportunity to be visited more often to get the mountain view experience.

Photo by Wangkig J Barretto
Photo by Dodong Laagan

High but Not Far—and Free

From Bogo City, it only takes 11 minutes to reach Barangay Binabag where Kampitlok Peak is located. The road to the peak is a perfect trek for bikers and hikers. You can ask the locals around the area which road to take if unsure. Upon reaching the peak, the overlooking green landscape offers fresh air you can freely breathe in. Ah yes, there is no entrance fee to be paid so that’s a plus point for those who are tight on budget.

Photo by Wangkig J Barretto
Photo by Dodong Laagan
Photo by Dodong Laagan
Photo by Deogines Dumoran Jr

The Luscious Trees

On your way to the peak, you get to pass by a road lined with trees, and an ideal spot for your Instagram feed. The road is not perilous which means you can bring your bicycle for a peak adventure. The scenery showcases a green horizon with the sea just beyond the humble plain of Barangay Binabag. There may be trees on your way—an advantage to those who forgot to bring their SPF lotion—but the peak is bare enough to see the beauty around it.

Photo by Wangkig J Barretto
Photo by Wangkig J Barretto

Tourist-Encouraging Local Government Activities

One of the reasons why Kampitlok Peak is making noise online is because of the active and engaging efforts of the local government. Barangay Binabag highly encourages its people to advertise what their barangay has to offer. With photo contests of the beautiful destinations within the area, more visitors will be interested to see these places including Kampitlok Peak. 

Photo by Dodong Laagan
Photo by Dodong Laagan
Photo by Dodong Laagan
Photo by Dodong Laagan

Mother Earth has so much to offer. There are beautiful spots to discover. If the local government continuously spearheads featuring the wonders of their area, the tourist engagement will continuously improve as well. Kampitlok Peak, aside from a great hiking destination, has not opened a place to stay at night. As a tourist, that idea would be great don’t you think? 



  • Entrance fee:  No entrance fee
  • Opening hours: Anytime


  • There is no accommodation in the area in the peak for now. No plans were stated as well.



Exact location: Sitio Kampitlok Barangay Binabag Bogo, Philippines — approx. 3 hours away from the city.


  1. From Barangay Daanluungsog road, just go straight until you reach Curva-Bangon-Medellin road.
  2. From that point, turn left until you reach a turning right road. But do not turn, just go straight until you see Agrivet Supply store and you’ll see a turning left road.
  3. Turn left and you’ll see a local resident houses then go ask for directions going to Kampitlok Peak or go straight until you reach Barangay Binabag and just ask straight the Barangay workers.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to Kampitlok Peak in Barangay Binabag, Bogo City.

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