All jeepney routes in Cebu City now reopened

The streets of Cebu will be busy again as Mayor Labella issues the Executive Order No. 131 opening all jeepney routes in Cebu City, effective today, May 27, 2021.

“An order amending Executive Order No. 102, Series of 2020, titled ‘An order establishing the Balik Pasada Program for traditional Public Utility Jeepneys (TPUJS) and providing guidelines thereto as amended by Executive Order No.122, Series of 2021.”

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This decision was made with the Cebu City Jeepney Task Force, agencies, The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) VII and other relevant enforcement hoping to address the increasing need for public transportation.

TPUJS can be allowed after applying to the “Balik Pasada Program” of Cebu City through the Jeepney Task Force headed by Councilor James Cuenco.

Cebu City Transportation Office & Cebu City Jeepney Task Force tasks:

  • Approval of TPUJ applications
  • Issuance of TPUJ permits
  • Issuance of TPUJ ID’s
  • Operation & Evaluation of all approved TPUJ
  • Compliance monitoring and Enforcement of minimum health standards on all TPUJs

Consequence to not following minimum health standard in TPUJ’s:

  • Confiscation of Balik Pasada TPUJ Driver’s ID
  • Confiscation of Balik Pasada Permit
  • Revocation of permits under Cebu City Jeepney Task Force

Though it is a good thing to have more available transportation for us commuters, we should always adhere to follow the minimum health protocols during this pandemic and be safe.

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