Isla Estan Resort: Dumanjug’s Favorite Family Hangout

Isla Estan Resort is a popular spot for family reunions and chill times by the beach in the southern town of Dumanjug.

One unique feature of the resort is that during high tides, the seawater enters a small concrete cordon that leads up to one of the resort’s accommodations – the Amacan house. You can literally open the door and take a few steps down and it’s already the beach water ushering you in for a quick dip.

Photo by Romulo Escuadro
Photo by Estela Simyunn
Photo from Isla Estan Facebook Page
Photo by Joanna Delara

During high tide, seawater accumulates in this area and it looks like a huge swimming pool. Aside from this, the adjacent Mt. Kanlaon provides a perfect backdrop for some stunning beach photos.

They have various rooms and cottages, all of which are spacious and can accommodate large groups. This is probably the main reason why Isla Estan Resort is a common spot for family reunions and other large events in this town.

Photo from Estela Estan Facebook Page
Photo from Estela Estan Facebook Page
Photo by Romulo Escuadro

Furthermore, only those with room or cottage reservations can enter the premises, thus, you are assured of some privacy. The whole resort can also be booked for exclusive use, so you can put up tents and barbecue stations in the grounds and throw an amazing beach party.

Currently, the management is planning on purchasing pump boats so that in the next few months, Isla Estan Resort will be offering sailing and dolphin watching to their guests. Exciting right?

Photo by Estela Simyunn
Photo by Joanna Delara
Photo from John Dean


Entrance fee: Exclusive to those with cottage or room reservations

Cottage fees:

  • Open cottage 1: P2,000 (good for 15 persons, with own grilling station and toilet)
  • Open cottage 2: P3,000 (good for 15 persons, with own cooler, grilling station, sink)

Room rates:

  • Room for 2 persons: P1,000 per night
  • Family Vista: P4,000 per night
  • Amacan House: P8,000 per night (good for 8 persons; non-aircon)
  • Stone House: P12,000 per night (good for 12 persons)
    • With 3 comfort rooms, complete kitchen utensils, stove, refrigerator, function room, and free purified water

Exclusive use of the resort: P25,000 (can put up tents in the grounds)

Other information:

  • Day use hours: 6AM – 6PM (Mon-Sun)
  • Check in: 2PM / Check out: 12 NN
  • No corkage fee.
  • Parking space is available.
  • Contact number: 0908-162-2702 (Nelieta Escuadro-Flores)
  • Facebook Page: 


Exact location: Bitoon, Dumanjug, Southern Cebu — approx. 2.5 hours away from the city.

By bus: Head on to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound for Dumanjug, preferably, Chan Transit (according to the owner of the resort, the owner and drivers of Chan Transit are also from Dumanjug so you can easily instruct them to drop you off at Isla Estan). Travel time is around 2-2.5 hours.

By private car: Navigate using Waze or Google Maps and type in “Isla Estan” in Dumanjug as the destination. Parking space is available.

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