Finally! Instagram Music is now available in the Philippines

Did that pop-up of “Instagram Music Isn’t Available in Your Region” annoyed you as much as it did me?

Now, you can kiss that pop up goodbye as a local rollout of the coveted feature is now here in the Philippines. Though not every Filipino Instagram user has the feature yet, those lucky ones can now add a soundtrack to their stories that is the perfect fit for each moment and better convey the creator’s feelings.

Here is a breakdown of how to use the seemingly new feature and version here in the Philippines.

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Step by Step on how to use Music feature on IG

1. Open your Instagram App and create a new Story by tapping “Your Story” in the top-left corner, or swiping left.

2. Take or choose the photo or video you want to post in your story.

3. Tap the music icon that appears between the Save and Filter toggles in the menu bar along the top of your screen.

4. In “Browse,” type in a specific song or artist and even mood and genre to go through the library of songs in Instagram.

You’ll also see the “For You” bar that will be based on your previously shared Spotify and Apple Music tracks.

5. Before choosing the song you wish to include, tap the play button to hear a preview of it.

6. Choose the exact part that fits your story by dragging the small bar at the bottom of the screen.

7. Adjust the snippet of music you want from five to 15 seconds by tapping the circle on the left side of the music clip that reads “15” by default. 

8. You’ll have a choice to either show the selected lyrics in a running, typing, or scrolling format or simply show the cover of the album.

9. Tap “Done” when finished and you can now post your amazing story.

In a world of so many stories, stand out by creating an amazing one with this Instagram music feature.

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