What’s with the “I’m sad” posts? The viral Facebook challenge explained

Sigh. Here it is folks, another year, another trend. As we all know, the internet has been through a lot of fun, quirky, and even weird “challenges” from the past – we’ve all been there, and we’ve seen it all. 

But this time – this time we take it to a whole new level! 


The “I’m Sad” Challenge is a sweeping sensation that began in early November of 2021, the trend captures the minds and interests of netizens as they post/share their status on Facebook expressing their #sadness, then proceeds to tag their most desired food, clothing, or product company (or whatever it is that you fancy) in hopes that they will respond. 

Do they respond? Yes, they do respond. Do you mean it works? Yes. It works. Businesses have adapted to this challenge as a tactic, primarily to boost their public relations – which is pretty smart, I’ll give them that.

Still don’t believe me? Couldn’t believe it myself too, but here have a look at these lucky netizens:


Works, right? That said, would you try it? If so, what/who would you tag? Though it’s not always guaranteed for everyone or everything, so don’t take it personally – it’s a fun experience nevertheless. So good luck!

Support Local Businesses

With the pandemic badly hitting many local businesses, business owners need our support too as they try to recover and rebuild.

If your favorite shop is still open, go support while you can by actually buying from them and promoting their socials with or without jumping on the bandwagon. You never know they are also barely surviving. Nevertheless, you will certainly take their sadness and worries away, too!

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