PH Health Workers Can Choose COVID-19 Booster Shots

On Wednesday, November 17, the Department of Health (DOH) said that healthcare workers may opt to use the same brand or a different brand of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine as their booster shot.

The guidelines on the administration of COVID-19 by DOH states that: “The priority group A1 shall be given the option to choose whether he/she shall receive a homologous or a heterologous booster dose, depending on the availability of vaccine brands in the vaccination site.”

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“The priority group A1 may choose to receive the same brand as his/her primary series (homologous booster) or another brand (heterologous booster),” it added.

Starting November 17, the fully vaccinated healthcare workers are all eligible for the booster shots.

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“Healthcare workers who have completed their primary series or six months after getting the second dose, can be inoculated with the following brands regardless of which vaccines taken in the first two doses,” says the guidelines.

Should you prefer a different brand of booster shot, please see chart below for the ‘mix and match’ of vaccines approved by DOH.

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