SM Seaside’s 7 Scene-Stealing Halloween Ideas for the Family

Halloween will be livelier and fun as the city government now allows children to enter malls provided they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult while adhering to safety protocols at all times.

You can plan and design your own costumes together with the whole fam. You can do matching ones or group ones for maximum impact.

You can even jump into the hottest trend, The Squid Game, which gives off a unique blend of fear, survival, excitement, and thrill which are just perfect for a Halloween theme.

But if you’re more into the traditional themes and costumes, worry not, for we’ve got you covered too. For an epic costume idea, all it takes is an imaginative mind and creative hands.

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Here we give you the easiest DIY Halloween Ideas that are very accessible and are all available at SM Seaside City Cebu.

1. Squid Game “The Guards”

Definitely a group project. Gather up your besties and plan this group costume that will surely turn heads as you walk at the largest mall in Cebu. With those bright red coveralls and sleek masks, you would all look so cool, and a plus, is no one will even know who you are.

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2. Squid Game Edition “The Players”

You can buy the famous green tracksuit and wear the most comfortable Halloween costume but still leaves a strong impact. If you can’t find that tracksuit, simply shop at SM Seaside and pair a green top and bottom with a white T-shirt and add some numbers on them. You can even add some cuts and bruises using makeup to make it more believable.

  • Green Top, H&M located at UGF, Mountain Wing
  • Green Trousers, H&M located at UGF, Mountain Wing
  • White Shirt, Uniqlo located at UGF, Cube Wing
  • Marker & Tape, National Bookstore, City Wing
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3. Squid Game Edition “The Doll”

If you’re feeling quite daring and over the top, dress up as the scariest character of Squid Game, the doll. You can customize your costumes and take inspiration from the giant robotic doll from the red light/green light game and then sing “mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida.”

  • Short Sleeved Shirt, Uniqlo located at UGF, Cube Wing
  • Sleeveless Dress, Cotton On located at UGF, Seaview Wing
  • White Socks, The SM Store located at UGF, Mountain Wing
  • Loafers, Charles & Keith located at UGF, Mountain Wing
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4. Friendly Ghosts

The old and trusted ghosts are one way to make Halloween fun. These are probably the easiest ones to make for a DIY and the most fun to wear on a stroll in the mall. You can even dress up with your child and have a twinning moment with these items at SM Seaside City Cebu.

  • Umbrella, Miniso located at UGF, Cube Wing
  • White Socks, H&M located at UGF, Mountain Wing
  • Clogs, Crocs located at LGF, City Wing
  • White Bed Sheets, The SM Store located at LGF, Mountain Wing
  • Paper, Marker & Tape, National Bookstore located at LGF, City Wing
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5. D’ Mummy Sweet-turns

Trick or treat but make it mummified. If you can’t get a costume for yourself then at least let your bowl of sweets have one. Get into the Halloween spirit and keep your goodies in a fun mummified fruit bowl.

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6. Here For The Boos

Planning for a safe outdoor Halloween party? Then shop and DIY your fun and spooky Halloween Home Décor with these creative frames, twines and balloons available at SM Seaside. A good Halloween party greatly depends on good and spooky decorations.

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7. Frida Kahl-dog

Dress your furry-baby as the famous Mexican Painter, Frida Kahlo. The many accessories will make them stand out in a flurry of Halloween costumes and of course let us not forget the painter’s signature unibrow, in this case, the doggy unibrow, to finish the look.

  • Headband, The SM Store located at LGF, Mountain Wing
  • Faux Flowers, Our Home located at LGF, Mountain Wing
  • Beaded Necklace, Parfois located at UGF, Mountain Wing
  • Patterned Scarf, H&M located at UGF, Mountain Wing
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Halloween is a celebration that everyone should enjoy especially now that we are in the pandemic. It is fun, spooky, weird and just creates the happy atmosphere that we all need.

For a safe and more enjoyable shopping experience, always wear your face mask and face shield, observe social distancing, and practice proper hygiene.


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