Goopio Beach Resort: Affordable Getaway to San Remigio

Serene beaches in Cebu are one of the most abundant things that can be found in the tiny island. There are just as many beaches as there are towns in Cebu and almost every place you go to will have their own beach to be proud of.

Located along the pristine shores of San Remigio, Cebu is the simple yet charming beach of Goopio Beach Resort. It flaunts the fine, white sands and turquoise waters present in all beaches, both public and private, located in the municipality.

Photo by Michael Erana
Photo by Michael Erana
Photo by Fritzel Anne Fernandez Felicano

Goopio Beach Resort is a family-friendly resort with a spacious beachfront and native cottages that can accommodate families and serve as a venue for reunions and get-togethers. With no entrance fee and spacious cottages that are affordable, every family will have a great time in this simple retreat.

Goopio Beach Resort has a scenic view of the ocean and an unpolluted beachfront with shallow waters that’s perfect for swimming. What’s more, the waters near the beachfront have a bed of fine, white sand under it that makes swimming a very enjoyable experience for everyone.

Photo by Michael Erana
Photo by brian bruce

The native cottages on the shore blend perfectly well with the natural backgrounds of San Remigio and provide a cool shade for everybody. Mantalisay trees also dot the sands on the beach, creating canopies formed by its long branches which also provide shade to the cottages and kids playing on the sand.

Goopio Beach Resort is the perfect family getaway in San Remigio with its affordable cottages and scenic tropical backgrounds that’s perfect for picture taking. There’s no better way to experience the pristine beauty of San Remigio than by spending a day of fun in the sun in Goopio Beach Resort.



  • Entrance fee: No entrance fee, but must rent a cottage


  • Cottage Fee: As low as P200


  • Corkage fee: None


Exact location: Poblacion, San Remigio, Northern Cebu — approx. 2.5-3 hours from Cebu City.

BY BUS: Head on to Cebu North Bus Terminal and hop on a bus for San Remigio. Fare is around P150-P200 pesos and travel time is around 2.5-3 hours. Tell the driver that you’re going to get off at the poblacion or town proper. Upon arrival, you may ask the locals for directions going to Goopio Beach Resort and ride a habal-habal to your destination.

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