Things that only a Fully Vaxxed person can do in Cebu City

The new normal is to be vaccinated. 

COVID-19 is still here and different kinds of variants some worse than the original keep on popping out as well. The world can’t afford another cost of lives especially since it can be avoided just by getting vaccinated.

This is why the privileges for unvaccinated people are getting slimmer and slimmer. The world is opening its doors slowly back to what we had before the pandemic but only for the fully vaxxed. 

This is true especially here in Cebu. We present here the things that only a fully vaxxed person can do in the City.

1. Dine-In

Vice Mayor Michael Rama, currently acting mayor of Cebu City, said that fully or partially vaccinated people or vaccinated individuals in Cebu City can now avail of indoor dine-in restaurants, salons, barbershops, spas, and other personal services establishments. Photo Source: Screengrab from live press briefing

As it requires taking off the mask and sometimes indoor setting, you are asked to present your vaccination card before dining in.

2. No RT-PCR Tests domestic travelers arriving in Cebu

Photo from Department of Tourism Central Visayas Office

There will be less hassle for the fully vaccinated on traveling within Cebu. These tests are also expensive and uncomfortable so it really is a relief.

3. Enter Cinemas

The cinemas were recently opened after almost 2 years. A valid ID together with your vaccination card will be presented upon purchase of tickets. Food and drinks are not allowed as well.

4. Hotel Check-in (Cebu City)

Along with travel are the stay-ins which also require a vaccination card. It is now an essential item to bring with you if you wish to travel and get into places especially hotels.

5. Entry to all Establishments 

This is one of the more drastic restrictions as starting Jan 1, 2022, non-vaxxed people cannot enter all establishments. This includes malls, amusement parks, museums, theater, and many more.

F2F classes soon

Photo from GMA News Facebook Page

The face-to-face classes are now being prepared for. With this, the Commission on Higher Educated has stated that only the fully vaxxed students, teachers, and school personnel can participate in the in-person classes.

We all need to get vaccinated as this is the only way to win against covid-19 and to help everyone in the world.

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