Low-Consuming Households Get Waived Water Bill in Cebu City

The Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) Board passed a resolution about the Water Subsidy Program. This is for the households in Cebu City with only 10 cubic meters or less water consumption will no longer be paying their monthly bill in 2022.

This is in partnership with the Cebu City government. Hence, the city government will be covering the cose for these households. An estimated yearly payment of P200-million to MCWD will be covered by the city government.

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“This will be used so the city government can cover basic water expenses and we can make the water consumption of about 35,000 water consumers for free,” Mayor Edgardo Labella said in a press briefing following his meeting with MCWD Chairperson Joey Daluz.

With the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Mayor Labella said that this is a very good development to help the low-income households.

Nevertheless, MCWD will be spending the subsidy for the surface water development in the city. An inspection was recently conducted in the barangays of Budlaan and Tagbao. These barangays are possible sources of surface water in the city.

At least 35,000 households will be benefiting from this subsidy program. The 10 cubic meters of water costs P152.50, but due to other charges, it reaches P180.

On the other hand, those who are consuming more than 10 cubic meters but less than 30 cubic meter, they will only be paying the basic water charges.

MCWD said that all charges for the low-consuming households will be waived. This includes the basic water charge.

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