10 Facts about a Filipino Dad that will make you love him more this Father’s Day

Papa. Daddy. Father. Tatay.

Whatever you call them, these are the people we know that will forever have our back. Our fathers are our rock and first defense in life, not because they look the toughest and emotionally stable, but because underneath all the tough look is a man that loves us unconditionally, a jokester, and an ally.

So, to give thanks and honor to our amazing dads this Father’s Day, we’ve gathered ten funny and relatable facts about a Filipino dad.

1. “Nya ni sugot na imong mama?”

You know you have a Filipino dad when he tells you to ask your mom’s approval first before he gives you his. This might be because our dad is just scared of our mom’s wrath but it can also be a parental technique just to mess with you.

2. “Ayaw sa pag uyab uyab diha”

A Filipino father is known for being overprotective of their sons and daughters that sometimes can be both alarming and funny at the same time. Be home on time, no drinking till you graduate college and definitely no boyfriends until you’re 30.

3. “Asa naman ka?!”

Giving updates to our Filipino dad is a must. It feels like the end of the world once you forgot to send your hourly update. Like a flood of questions coming right at you. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? When are you going home?

4. There is no such thing as Filipino time to Filipino dads

They are the only reason everything goes on schedule. They are the destroyer of Filipino time, always right on schedule or way ahead of it. They keep everyone in line and on time which is why they are always seen with their watches.

You might want to update those watches this Father’s Day by visiting Philip Stein.

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5. ‘Punny’ dad Jokes 

We secretly love their “punny” jokes or the famous dad jokes. They make the corniest jokes that’s so annoying that you just facepalm yourself, or laugh so hard. But there are also times that they hit a witty joke worthy of any comedian out there. Make your dad laugh on his special day by giving him one of his favorite Mandals (sandals for men) from Alberto.

Alberto, Upper Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

6. Household Repair man

Got anything destroyed, broken or not working? Our father can probably fix it. They are the designated fixer, responsible for all our household repairs mostly because they love doing it. Make them happy doing what they love by buying them a tool kit from Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware, Lower Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

7. I love you = ‘k.’

If you’ve received one of those one letter replies from your dad then you are not alone. Most dads, if not all, do this. You text them a very long message or even a heartfelt one like “I love you” and they just respond to that with “k” and that is just as good as an “I love you”, so don’t feel too bad about it. instead give them those Pomade from Tuf Barbershop and you’ll probably receive a kiss and a hug.

TUF, Third Floor, Seaview Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

8. “Kahinomdom ka sauna?”

I think every parent does this. Reminding us how easy it is back in the day. They are history ambassadors using the past to teach us of how lucky we are and how to value things that we have. So while shopping, get your dad their very own Dad purse from Pacsafe and tell them that you appreciate and value everything he has done for you.

Pacsafe, Lower Ground Floor, City Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

9. “Unsa-on mani pag pindot nak?”

We all get those panic calls and messages where they have a tech emergency like not remembering their emails and passwords, navigating apps or those accidental clicks. They’re not the most tech savvy so it’s our job to teach them and guide them in the maze that is modern technology. And if you don’t want them complaining, think in advance and get them those powerbank from Techboy real quick.

Techboy, Third Floor, Cube Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

10. Accomplice against mom

Last but not the least, he’s our ultimate kasabwat/accomplice who will help us escape from mom’s watchful eyes like a best friend. Dads might be strict and overprotective but they are our lifeline too especially against the anger of our mom.

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Our dads deserve to be celebrated and treated special this Father’s Day so don’t forget to treat them at their favorite restaurant at SM Seaside City Cebu.

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