#Viral: Ex-Lovers met again due to Curfew Violations in Cebu

A love story that is supposed to have ended might just be rekindled.

Ex-lovers from Talisay City saw each other again after being held due to curfew violations. To what is supposed to be a night of weary, it became a night of nervousness after meeting again.

Photo from City of Talisay Police Support

As posted by the City of Talisay Police Support, here is a transcript of what happened:

“Dolor: Sir asa me dalhon?

Pulis: Jaclupan Gym

Dolor: Kalayo ba d ay sir ���

Upon arrival at the Jaclupan Gym…

Dolor: ������������ na shock siya..

Pulis: Nganu ka maam?

Dolor: Sir akung EX naa ge kulbaan ko ���

Pulis : Pagtapad mo kaw para mawala ng kulba nimu”

And the rest is history.

Will their violation of the curfew be a blessing in disguise for the ex-lovers? Or, will this cause another stir?

We cannot wait for another update. One thing is for sure though, we all have that one ex we would want to meet again.

Ikaw? Anong kwentong ex mo?

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