Dos and Don’ts Before, During and After COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccines are rolling out in every part of the country and with the threat of the different variants of covid-19, it is now a must to get vaccinated as early as possible.

However, there are still some who are either skeptical, afraid or just didn’t get a confirmation for their appointment yet.

If you find yourself in this page, anxious or lost on what to prepare then let me assure you by sharing this complete guide on what to do before, during and after the vaccination to help you out and achieve the best results possible.

Before receiving the vaccine

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  • Do Read up on Vaccines

Use your stalking skills and read up on the vaccines available in your area, their side effects and studies conducted, just make sure to read from reliable sources.

  • Do Prepare a Medical Certificate/Medical Clearance if necessary

If you have health conditions, pregnant or any concerns in the compatibility of vaccines to your body, you can consult your doctor to have a medical certificate or clearance to ease your worries.

  • Do familiarize yourself with the vaccination site

Look up the location of the vaccination site and plan for your means of transportation and estimated time of arrival.

  • Don’t Register to only one vaccination program

Vaccines are being rolled out in every part of the country but there is a very long waiting list especially if you’re not part of the priority groups. It is very important to start registering now to not just one but to anywhere you can.

  • Don’t Stress yourself

Sleep well, eat well and drink plenty of water. Get your body in good condition. Stressing out on what will happen during vaccination will not do you any good.

During vaccination

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  • Do wear comfortable or vaccination-friendly tops

You really don’t want to wear long sleeves and go through the ordeal of undoing the buttons and exposing yourself like some of the ones who made this mistake. Just wear something that has easy access to the upper arm where the vaccine will be administered.

  • Do Be prepared for anything

Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, a fan in case it gets too hot, face shield, extra face masks, pen for documents and an umbrella to avoid too much exposure from the sun or just in case it rains.

  • Don’t get injected on your dominant arm

Opt to have it on your non-dominant arm as the injected arm tends to get numb and movement creates discomfort. So, if you’re right-handed then have your injection on your left arm.

  • Don’t take pain relievers on your vaccination day

You may think you are preventing something in advance, pain relievers may have negative effects to your body’s ability to form an immune response to the vaccine.

  • Don’t leave vaccination site immediately

Though there are sites which only gives the vaccination card after monitoring, others don’t have a very smooth flowing process or clear stations that some may get lost or think they’re done. Make sure that your vitals are taken after at least 15-30 mins of being vaccinated.

After Vaccination

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  • Do Expect side effects

There are always side effects. You may have just the usual bruise-like/pain feeling in your injected arm or more like feeling unwell, chills, and feeling feverish. Take note of any side effects and ask your doctor for advice if it gets worse.

  • Do keep healthy

Living healthy will boost your body’s immune system to help you adjust to the vaccine and fight against covid-19. Have enough rest, eat healthy foods and take vitamins every day.

  • Don’t engage into strenuous activities

If you have a work out routine, rest for at least 3 days before getting back. Don’t tire your body with swimming or running and lifting heavy objects. Let your body rest.

  • Don’t take alcoholic drinks and tobacco for at least 2 weeks

Alcohol and tobacco will do the opposite of your healthy habits and will lower your body’s immune response and hinder with the effectivity of the vaccine.

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