Why date nights are just as important in a relationship

These times, it’s all about the fast-paced life, schedules, and more schedules. We get it, it’s hard to find time for yourself much less for your relationship. 

But bear in mind that a relationship is like a machine that needs maintenance, it needs to be taken care of and to be worked on, by both sides.

That’s why a breather, a break from the usual is very important. Date nights from time to time should be prioritized and squeezed-in on our busy lives.

Here are five reasons why and why it should be now.

1. Stress relieving.

Everyone is stressed out somehow. Quarantine blues, work problems and personal anxieties, are not good for a relationship in general. A stress-relieving dinner can surely go a long way in a person’s state of mind. Being outdoors and helping yourself to good food are the perfect combination to chase those stress away.

2. Brings you closer.

Having a garden stroll or just a walk in the park or somewhere quiet while enjoying the view is an experience that will bind you together. There is nothing more helpful to a relationship than being able to hold your loved one and showing affection, smiles and attention.

3. Less misunderstandings.

Having actual conversations leads to a better communication. It hinders wrong interpretations and misunderstandings in a relationship. You can talk about anything and everything over snacks or light drinks. Date nights are almost 80% talking so that is one aspect you’ll definitely ace.

4. Spice of novelty.

Trying new things is an adventure in itself. Having that new experience together, no matter how normal or strange will help strengthen your bond. It’s a relationship builder so to say. It’s not just extreme activities or vacations that will spice it up, for you can find them in those trivial things too, like choosing clothes for each other, trying out a new restaurant or food cuisine, or just admiring furry pets in animal parks.

5. Balances energy.

Having different days and dealing with different things while you’re not together will certainly create a strain or imbalance. Spending time together will get rid of that. Being able to relax together or do nothing together will foster comfortability with each other. 


Perfect for a garden stroll and a romantic dining venue, SM Seaside City Cebu’s The Al Fresco is located at the Tower Garden. 

You can even chill with acoustic performances every Friday and Saturday at 5pm while you grab a bite from your favorite restaurants.

Of course, the Al Fresco is also a place where you can treat and date yourself. Give yourself a pat in the back with a cup of your favorite coffee or good food and a peaceful lounging.

Food and drinks options at The Al Fresco:

  • Black Pearl
  • Juice Avenue
  • Pizza Hut
  • Sachi Best Ramen
  • The Mango Farm
  • Yellow Cab

You can also order food from nearby restaurants: Kuya J Restaurant, Mesa Philippines, Sachi Best Ramen, SEOUL Korean Grill + Cuisine, Starbucks Philippines, Tim Ho Wan PH, and RACKS.

  • The Al fresco Dining Hours: 10AM to 9PM daily 
  • The Al fresco Food Stalls: 4PM to 9PM daily
  • Acoustic Nights @ The Al fresco: Every 5PM on Fridays and Saturdays
  • SM Seaside Mall hours: 10am to 9pm daily

The Al fresco is located at the Tower Garden of SM Seaside City Cebu in South Road Properties, Cebu City.

Seaside Stewards: Tap to buy

SM Seaside doesn’t only make sure you have a safe dining experience, but also a convenient and satisfying one with the new Seaside Stewards, an in-mall digital ordering service.

Even when you are at The Al Fresco, you can still order food and drinks from your favorite restaurants or cafes at SM Seaside and have them served fresh and hot to you at The Al Fresco.

Simply scan the QR code for the Seaside Stewards, scan for your favorite meals available inside the mall, and have your food served to you. It’s that easy and convenient!

Note: For a #SafeMallingAtSM experience, don’t forget to bring your own sanitizer, maintain social distancing and make sure to wear your face mask & face shield at all times.

For more details, follow SM Seaside City Cebu on their Facebook and Instagram Page for more details. 

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