Buffalo Floating Cottages: A lovely way to enjoy Badian’s scenic coastline

Sandy beaches are not the only way to experience the tropics of Cebu island. Dapdap’s Floating Cottages or Buffalo Floating Cotttages offers a scenic way to enjoy vacations through their lovely floating cottages.

Dapdap’s Floating Cottages is located in Badian Bay near Badian Island where a sandy private beach lies near Pescador Island – somewhere along the coastline of Brgy. Bugas. It is a simple yet unique tourist destination that can be found in the northern part of Badian.

Photo from Day2dayadventure Facebook Page
Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu (3)
Photo by RBA 360
Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu (2)
Photo by RBA 360

They offer three floating cottages, made of native materials such as bamboo and nipa roofs, that float over perfectly turquoise waters glistening just along the coastline of the barangay beside the beautiful white sands. It is the perfect way to spend a getaway for ocean lovers and enthusiasts.

On the cottage, everyone will be able to appreciate the views of the island of Zaragoza, the beautiful Moalboal, and fabulous display of Negros Occidental. The floating cottages offer ample space for families to enjoy a feast over the seas of Badian and at the same time enjoy getting some tans from the sun. One of the floating cottages can accommodate up to 50 persons at a time while another two can cater up 30 persons each.

Photo by 88Goldilucks88
Photo by 88Goldilucks88

Aside from getting suntanned skins and enjoying the floating experience, there are other activities that everyone can enjoy while in the floating cottage. The vast sea is the perfect tropical swimming pool for snorkeling, scuba diving, or coral watching.

The waters underneath hide vibrant corals which can only be discovered by those who brave the deep blue. If coral viewing seems too daunting, then kayaks are available to rent and can be enjoyed without diving. Due to the cottage being quite distant from the shore, it is positioned in a lovely spot for watching the sun set.

Dapdap's Floating Cottage Badian Cebu
Photo by RBA 360
Photos by Kentotbigeyes
Photos by Kentotbigeyes
Photos by Kentotbigeyes



  • Entrance fee: P150 per head
    • Inclusions: Life vest, boat ride from/to mainland and floating cottage
    • For safety purposes, 5 y/o and below are NOT allowed.
  • Kayak Rental: P150 per kayak


  • Small Cottage: P300, good for 6-10 persons
  • Medium Cottage: P500, good for 10-15 persons

Other information:

How to get there?

Exact location: Sitio Dapdap, Brgy. Bugas, Badian, Southern Cebu — 3-4 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Badian or Oslob. Inform the driver to drop you off at Sitio Dapdap’s waiting shed near the boundary of Badian and Moalboal. Bus fare is ₱150 (one-way, aircon bus).

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