Save Yourself from Back Pain with these Cute Nap Cushions

Is your back aching right now? Well, I thought so. I know you hate being told to do so, but I bet you’re here to score a tip or two to straighten your posture.

The pandemic has surely brought us to bring our deliverables at home. Hence, you might have disposed your creaky old chair that has served you for the longest time. However, if you have not decided to splurge on one, we’ve got you covered.

LHS PH’s Nap Cushions are here to help us feel instantly better after a long day of sitting. Fret not about its usage. All that you have to do is place the cushion on your chair and take a seat.

Have I said you can use this in your car, too? I bet not.

Hence, better add this Nap Cushion while you can so your seat will feel comfortable in an instant. Don’t forget to enjoy your seat and feel comfortable while making your home office look so much cuter.

The LHS PH’s Nap Cushions come in different colors and designs. Therefore, you can surely cop your own style to suit your liking. Definitely a must-have!

Available Colors:

  • Nap Cushion in Gray – P800
  • Nap Cushion in Green – P800
  • Nap Cushion in Pink – P800
  • Nap Cushion in Orange – P800

As of writing, these cushions are on sale on Lazada. Instead of P800, they’re now retailing at P620. Perfect present for someone special, like yourself!

Sarah Ladeza
Sarah Ladeza
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