Cres Beach Resort: Weekend Chill and Dip Spot in Boljoon

Nothing beats a dip in a cold pool after a week stuffed with stress and pressure, right? Cres Beach Resort is a great weekend chill and dip spot we all deserve.

Nestled in Molobolo, Boljoon, Cres Beach Resort is everybody’s refuge for the weekend. It pleasures its guests with amenities and a relaxing view of the wide horizon enough to allow everyone to momentarily veer away from loads of anxieties.  

Don’t worry about the budget because here, you can experience a warm and hospitable accommodation without breaking your banks.

Cres Beach Resort highlights a pool that has an overlooking panoramic view of the sea. It is perfect for times when all we want is just to release the tension while soaking in cold waters. We may have different ways on how to manage stress but going for a swim is proven to be our common denominator, alongside eating.

The place sits on top of a cliff. If you wish to enjoy the sea instead, you just need to take few steps down the stairway to access the sea and treat yourself a refreshing seawater plunge. Just be careful though because this part of the resort is rocky.

Those who have been to Cres Beach Resort are living proofs that the place is an ideal spot for family and friend gatherings too. They have a spacious area for team building activities.  Their Aquataine Function Hall provides a good venue for events and parties. Since it’s directly facing the sea, expect that you will be comforted with breezy air fresh from the sea.

How about belting your favorite classic songs? Their karaoke for rent is ready to give you an extra energy boost as you create beautiful moments with your loved ones. Take your social media uploads to the next level by taking amazing photos at the place’s picture-perfect spots.

Spending the night at Cres Beach Resort is also recommended. They have rooms that are budget-friendly and that come with basic utilities for a sound and peaceful sleep. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the serene and peaceful feels at night as you meditate about life in their cottages while sipping your favorite beer.

The resort strictly adheres to community quarantine protocols hence, every guest is required to wear face mask. No face mask, no entry.

Boljoon is a one of the few historical towns in Cebu. When visiting the place, you can also take a side trip to their old churches and ancestral houses that form part of the town’s heritage.



  • Entrance fee: P120 (Adult); P100 (Kid)
  • Opening hours: 9am – 3pm


  • Entrance fee: P150 (Adult); P120 (Kid)
  • Opening hours: 3PM – 8PM


  • Sea La Vie (2 persons): P300
  • Talisay (6 persons): P600
  • May Bato (6 persons): P600
  • Lantaw (8 persons): P600
  • Sea-esta Lantay (8 persons): P600
  • Cresmore (8-10 persons): P800


  • Small Table w/ 5 Chairs: P150
  • Big Table w/ 5 Chairs: P300


  • Lantaw w/ AC Unit: P2,000 (good for 2 persons)
  • Terrasa w/ AC Unit: P2,000 (good for 2 persons)
  • Talisay w/o AC Unit w/ Open Cottage: P3,000 (good for 2 persons)
  • Additional Bed Charge: P100/night


  • Whole Area (15-25 persons): P3,500
  • Per Block (6 persons):P1,000



Exact location: Brgy. El Pardo Molobolo, Boljoon, Southern Cebu – near barangay hall; approx. 2.5 hours away from Cebu City.

BY BUS: Go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal and hail on a bus bound for Boljoon. Tell the driver and conductor to drop you off near El Pardo Barangay Office in Boljoon. The resort is right close to it.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Cres Beach Resort”. Parking space is available.

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