Where to get the required Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) in Cebu

Drivers needing to renew their license will be required to undergo the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) according to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

LTO has announced the need to obtain a CDE certification before they can start the renewal of their license. Please be guided that this certification is for everyone planning to renew their licenses, and those who are about to get their licenses too.

To those asking, the Comprehensive Driver’s Education is a refresher courses for drivers, both non-professional and professional drivers. This deals with road safety, traffic laws, drivers’ responsibilities, traffic rules, and penalties among others.

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CDE is in line with a provision in the Republic Act No. 10930, allowing LTO to extend the validity of a driver’s license up to 10 years, given that they have no record of traffic violation before its renewal. On the other hand, drivers with outstanding records will only be able to apply for a 5-year renewal.

The Central Office-Licensing Center and the Quezon City Licensing Center will start implementing this on October 28, while other offices in NCR will be on November 3. Schedules outside Metro Manila will be announced soon.

The CDE Program is available at LTO Driver’s Education Centers (DECs) (offline), Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal (online), or at LTO-accredited driving schools.

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How to take the Driver’s License Renewal Course online:

1. Visit the portal.

2. Go to E-Learning.

3. Click the Driver’s License Renewal.

The portal allows non-professional and professional drivers to gain access to their audiovisual courses which will only take less than five hours.

Note: The CDE Program is free at LTO’s DECs and at the online portal.

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How to get a CDE certificate?

1. Drivers must take a driver’s education exam.

2. If you have attended the CDE Program on DECs, you will have to take the exam, face-to-face.

3. If you took the course online, you can take the CDE online validation exam via the portal.

Check out the passing score to get a certificate:

• Non-Professional: 50% or at least 13 correct answers out of 25 questions.

• Professional: 50% or at least 13 correct answers out of 25 questions.

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Note:  You must log in first to your account to accomplish the CDE Online Validation Exam. A CDE certificate will be issued once you will pass the exam. After obtaining the certificate, you must be go to the LTO Licensing Renewal Official to process the renewal application.

According to the LTO, those who will fail the CDE exam may retake it until they finally pass the exam and obtain a certificate.

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