Who is Chase Cokaliong, Cebu’s King of Giveaways

Everyone might have heard or seen the viral Toyota WIGO car being shared everywhere in social media.

A giveaway that big will certainly get the netizens buzzing and they certainly did. 

Now you might think it’s from a big name or a big company but no it was from a Cebuano entrepreneur who is known for his giveaways posted on his Instagram account.

Photo from Chase Cokaliong Instagram

A Scion Entrepreneur

Chase Cokaliong, from his last name itself, is a scion (a descendant of a notable family) of the family behind Cokaliong Shipping Lines Inc.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. (CSLI) is a shipping line that’s known to almost every single Cebuano as it started right here in Cebu City and thus became a household name. Its operation includes both passenger and cargo ferries on routes in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.  Although it feels like forever since the Cokaliong name has been in our lives, CSLI is still considered as one of the youngest shipping companies in the Philippines.

Chase Cokaliong is the Vice President for Fleet Operations and Human Resource & Development Department Manager at Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. and also the owner of CF-L1 Trainer at CrossFit Subtero.

Yes. If you can imagine, Chase definitely is blessed and found a way to give back to the people through his giveaways. As he shared in his posts, “Sharing is a source of blessing”, he also said that he wants to bring back the excitement and happiness of the people through these surprise gifts.

Here’s a list of the giveaways posted recently:

  • 70-inch Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV
  • A PS5 – Chase brought this PS5 and gave it to a follower who first found him in the mall
  • 2021 Toyota WIGO – The one that was viral and got every Cebuano and most netizens sharing “that” picture and had at least 60k entries.
  • 1.2 carat ring

Chase said that this is not his first giveaways, just the first ones that are public or shared on social media. 

With Christmas fast approaching, may all our lives be blessed and bless others in return. 

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  2. We chose cokaliong as our only transportation from Surigao to Cebu and vice versa because we trust this ship. Me and my 2 siblings studied in cebu back then, despite the big waves from low pressure area we still had the courage to ride on this vessel because we knew we will arrive safely. Thank you Cokaliong Shipping Lines for your service. You are part of our success.

  3. Praying that God will bless you more Sir Chase …as you are a BLESSING to many.
    Lord, bless Sir Chase …His love for Giving may continue all the days of his life.

  4. Several dozens of meters of pink alfa gena, not Chase diay but still we will appreciate pink Tshirta for the Lugawan Voljnteers in Cebu. 09227068252.

  5. In belirved he gave me a pink cloth for VP Leni flaglets. Salamat kaayo sir. Sana 2000 pink Tshirts para sa mga LUGAW VOLUNTEERS SIR.

  6. Pinaskuhan Sir.. please.. kanang 1.2 Carat Ring .. para sa akong Pakaslanan.😍.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    #ChaseThat1.2CaratRing 🥰

    Thank you for Generousity to Cebuanos and filipino people.. May God Showered you more blessings as well as more Success in your businesses… 🙏😍

    Gilbert 0960-899-9543


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