Chalet Hills: Cebu Campsite with City Lights and Mountain Views

Hikers just can’t get enough of the mountain views. The views just become more and more beautiful in every climb.

In Busay, despite the number of establishments already lining up on the mountain municipality, nature-lovers and trekking enthusiasts still want to experience the mountain in its raw form. There are two ways to climb and reach the foot of the hill depending on the difficulty that the group or climber prefers.

Photo by KE V IN
Photo by Oñedra Gel
Photo by Oñedra Gel
Photo by Oñedra Gel

Climbers may ride a habal-habal or a motorcycle for hire from Lahug all the way to the foot of Chalet Hills or they may opt to challenge the slopes by walking from the entrance of the Mountain View entrance. Athletic trekkers and hikers will take just about 30 minutes to reach the foot of the hill from there but less experienced hikers will take about an hour or two.

There’s a sari-sari store selling easy-to-cook food at the foot of the hill so stocking up on food for the next day won’t be a problem.

One of the charms of the hill is the starry night sky complimented by chilly night air. On one side of the mountain are other verdant hills and trees while on the other is the famous city lights of Cebu which can be seen in majority of the places in Busay.

Photo by Mika Sy
Photo by Oñedra Gel
Photo by Michelle Anne Rule
Photo by Michelle Anne Rule

As morning comes, a breathtaking sunrise greets and wakes up the campers along with the refreshing breeze of the morning and the sound of birds singing. The city view in the morning is just as fine as the night view. The view shows where the sea and the city meet as well as a view of nearby islands.

Chalet Hills may be one of the most accessible campsites in Cebu because of its location but it still offers the same picturesque views and calming atmosphere like any other mountain.

Photo by Oñedra Gel
Photo by Simay D. Calves
Photo by Erika Kim



  • Entrance fee: None as of the moment


  1. Make sure to bring water that’s enough for both drinking and cooking
  2. Tents and any form of portable light
  3. Warm Clothing. The hills get really cold especially at night
  4. Easy-to-cook meals such as canned goods, noodles, fruit, and bread
  5. Portable Stove for cooking. Campfires are not allowed at the site
  6. Cooking Utensils
  7. Tarp for the tent in case of rain


Exact location: Brgy. Babag, Busay, Cebu — approx. 30 minutes away from the city proper or JY Square Mall.

BY TAXI: The most affordable way to catch a taxi is to commute going to JY Square at Lahug and then catch a cab from there. The taxi driver can’t go all the way up so you might just hike some parts going to the hills. Talk with the driver before riding to explore your options.

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